Zlassic MagneTech Acupuncture Earrings


    Zlassic MagneTech Acupuncture Earrings
    Zlassic MagneTech Acupuncture Earrings

    Take a look at what our happy and satisfied customers are saying:

    Zlassic MagneTech Acupuncture Earrings

    “I hated my double chin. Now, I don’t have to worry about that with the Classic MagneTech Acupuncture Earrings! I felt the effectiveness of these earringsI was shocked that it really helped reduce the size of my chin. After 2 weeks, my jawline is there again! The excess fluid in the chin area was drained and I did not feel any pain. I love the amazing results that this product gave me!”
    Trixie Brenner, 29, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    Zlassic MagneTech Acupuncture Earrings

    “This review is after 3 months of straight use. I was skeptical at first but then I noticed my lower abdomen shrinking. Provided in combination with a few tweaks in my diet and a little more exercise here and there. I’m not an athlete or super diet champ. I just make modifications where needed. The toughest area is belly fat and daily stress doesn’t help any. So any extra help other than exercise and diet to tackle this is a win. These earrings are not a miracle worker but really are a big help for me in losing weight. You still have to work out but nothing extreme.”

    Jessica Pendleton, 35, Belfast, Maine

    Do you know how the lymphatic system works?

    The lymphatic system is part of the immune system. It keeps body fluid levels in balance and defends the body against infections. Lymphatic (lim-FAT-ik) vessels, tissues, organs, and glands work together to drain a watery fluid called lymph from throughout the body.

    Zlassic MagneTech Acupuncture Earrings

    The lymphatic system is a network of tissues, vessels and organs that work together to move a colorless, watery fluid called lymph back into your circulatory system (your bloodstream).

    These nodes swell in response to infection due to a buildup of lymph fluid, bacteria, or other organisms and immune system cells.

    Understanding the lymphatic system provides insights into the body’s profound ability to care for itself. Its functions are as follows:

    • Maintains fluid levels in your body
    • Absorbs fats from the digestive tract
    • Protects your body against foreign invaders
    • Transports and removes waste products and abnormal cells from the lymph


    Zlassic MagneTech Acupuncture Earrings

    • Maintains fluid levels in your body
    • Absorbs fats from the digestive tract
    • Protects your body against foreign invaders
    • Transports and removes waste products and abnormal cells from the lymph

    Negative Ion Therapy from Germanium Stone:

    Zlassic MagneTech Acupuncture Earrings

    Its therapeutic attributes include immune-enhancement, oxygen enrichment, free radical scavenging, analgesia and heavy detoxification. It signals the body’s efficient breakdown of fat cells that will help you to lose that baby fat faster, boosts faster metabolism and digestion. These negative ions increase the permeability of the cell membrane which facilitates the absorption of tissue fluid into lymph vessels thus help prevent lymphatic blockages which compromises one’s health.

    Studies Uncover The Magnetic Approach to Lymphatic Drainage

    The National Institutes of Health reported that aside from surgery & diet plans, magnetic therapy has proven effective over the long term for most patients with clinically severe obesity. After reviewing of literature on magnetic weight loss therapy, we find this approach works for 16 in 20 (approximately 80%) morbidly obese individuals.

    Magnetic Therapy is considered to have healing properties because of its high iron content which helps boost blood & lymphatic circulation in the body. Well, we know that if the circulation is poor, cells in your body are being blocked from getting the nutrients & oxygen they need to thrive, resulting in slow metabolism & toxin accumulation.

    A total of 32 patients affected by lymphedema in stages II and III were treated. After therapy, a significant decrease in limb circumference measurements was noted, and an improvement in quality of life was registered. Laboratory examination showed the treatment decreased the deposition of fluid, fat, hyaluronan, and protein, improving the swelling condition. The researchers believe FIR treatment could be considered as both an alternative monotherapy and a useful adjunctive to conservative or surgical lymphedema procedures.

    Researchers look at about 100 years of studies and found evidence that negative ions could:

    Zlassic MagneTech Acupuncture Earrings

    • help regulate sleep patterns and mood.
    • reduce stress.
    • boost immune system function.
    • increase metabolism of carbs and fats.
    • kill or inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, viruses, and mold species

    What makes this Classic MagneTech Acupuncture Earrings your GREAT CHOICE?

    Zlassic MagneTech Acupuncture Earrings

    • 5x Powerful Infrared Therapy than other material
    • Effective Lymphatic Detoxification
    • Unclog Bloodstream and Lymph Nodes
    • Accelerate Metabolism
    • Release 10x more Negative Ions that Maximizes Fat Burning
    • Reduce 60% of excess Lymph Fluid in 3 Months
    • Increases the body’s energy and vitality
    • Suitable for Both Men and Women

    Here is Tamara’s 12-week Weight Loss Transformation by wearing our Classic MagneTech Acupuncture Earrings:

    Week 1

    I am an IT professional and my work requires me to sit down for long hours daily. I used to be chubby already but with my chosen profession, I gained more weight than ever plus stress eating most of the time after work. So I decided to look for something that may help me suppress my appetite and do something about my weight but not in a drastic manner. I came upon this Classic MagneTech Acupuncture Earrings over the internet and gave it a try. A few days made a bit of difference in my appetite as I don’t crave food as much as before.

    Week 8

    These earrings are really awesome! I regularly wore it for about two months and my body slowly changed in a positive way like the stored fats in my belly had slowly disintegrated making my stomach slimmer. The bloated feeling is no longer there and I do not overeat anymore. I feel lighter now and more energized even if I work for longer hours to beat my deadlines. I am excited to see more results in the weeks to come.

    Week 12

    Fantastic! I never really expected that this would be a game changer for me! I now have a healthier figure and every one in my family is happy to see this great body transformation. I was able to achieve my goal without undergoing risky surgical procedures. This product is really amazing because it also made my lymphatic system healthier. Such a nice piece of accessory that is so useful. I highly recommend it to people like me!

    Tamara Vinzon, 33, Baltimore, Maryland

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