Xtreme™ Hold Braiding Gel


    Xtreme™ Hold Braiding Gel
    Xtreme™ Hold Braiding Gel

    Stop fighting with untameable frizz. Get beautiful, voluptuous braids with Xtreme™ Hold Braiding Gel.

    Hear our verified satisfied clients on their results about this product:

    Xtreme™ Hold Braiding Gel“Finding a hair gel that moisturizes your hair and holds your style in place is not an easy job but with Xtreme, all my frizzes were tamed, even hold my hairstyles in humid weather and all this without weighing down my hair.” – Jamie S.

    Xtreme™ Hold Braiding Gel“Was looking for a product that could tame my frizzy hair and Xtreme is the solution! With its blend of all-natural ingredients, it helps tame frizz and manage impurities that cause split ends while holding my hairstyle in place all day.” – Estrella l.

    Xtreme™ Hold Braiding Gel“With Xtreme, styling and holding hairstyle is a breeze. It quickly tames frizz, holds all kinds of hairstyles, styles hair in different ways and it is made with natural ingredients. Amazing.” – Christine H.

    How does Xtreme™ Hold Braiding Gel work?

    Xtreme™ Hold Braiding Gel is a styling product that is specifically formulated to keep strands of hair along the hairline in place, hold your hairstyle for whole day. It is a gellike product that is thicker and has more hold than a traditional styling gel. It‘s best used on dry hair for maximum hold, and can be used to create a variety of styles including spiky, dynamic, bouncy, fluffy, or frizzy.
    Xtreme™ Hold Braiding GelInfused with all natural ingredients, bee wax, olive oil and aloe vera extract, it moisturise your hair while tames and keeps hair in place. To enhance the results of Xtreme™, use when hair is dry. The consistency of this gel will give the hair the right amount of moisture to set it in place. You can easily style and restyle your hair in a variety of ways, no matter if your hair is soft or hard. Style it in any way you want with Xtreme™ Hold Braiding Gel!


    Xtreme™ Hold Braiding Gel

    I was looking for ways to make the top of my wig look more natural. After researching online, I came across people recommending this five star rated hair gel Xtreme™ to style their natural baby hairs. I decided to give it a try and purchased the product. I was really amazed by the results – it kept my wig looking good for a full five hours even in humid weather!

    Xtreme™ Hold Braiding Gel

    “The fragrance of the product is incredibly realistic and doesn’t cause any irritation to my scalp when I use it. The texture is just the right amount of tackiness for hands and face, but it feels really comfortable on the hair. It’s definitely worth the praise it gets; if you can, I suggest drying your hair before you apply it, then using a flat iron, and it can keep your hair looking amazing for 12 hours straight!”

    Xtreme™ Hold Braiding Gel

    This product is truly amazing, providing natural hair with a shine that helps it blend in seamlessly with weaves. It also has a strong grip that lasts for up to 24 hours, yet does not leave any residue and does not have an unpleasant smell. Additionally, it does not make hair stiff or hard. Super great deal with amazing results. I will definitely be ordering more when I run out!



    • Extra  24 Hour Hold Hair Wax
      Makes a great and extra hold, shine and perfect styles hair edge with up to 24 hour duration!
    • Tames Frizzy & Baby Hairs
      Provides a flake-free, taming frizz and flyways for smoother hair.
    • Gives A Unique Classy Look
      Specially water base formulated for no unnatural shininess, making your hair moisturize, and nourish your baby hairs for a clean and styled look!

    How To Use:

    1. Wash and dry hair
    2. Style hair
    3. Apply gel to hold down and conceal frizz
    4. Use comb or hand to touch up

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