XBottle Smart Coaster


    XBottle Smart Coaster
    XBottle Smart Coaster

    XBottle Smart Coaster

    “Warm drinks are a hug in a mug.”

    We want you to enjoy your coffee, tea, and hot chocolate at the perfect temperature. That’s why we created the XBottle Smart Coaster.

    Stay cozy everywhere
    Whether you’re at home or at the office, distractions can take you away from that lovely hot coffee or tea for a few minutes or hours. When you return, your coffee is cold and undrinkable. That’s where XBottle Smart Coaster comes in.

    XBottle Smart Coaster

    Lightweight & portable
    It can fit into your bag if you ever want to bring it to work and it will keep your favorite hot drinks at the right temperature allowing you to worry-free all day.

    Scared of spills? Don’t be!
    XBottle Smart Coaster adopts sealed-insulation technology, so you never have to worry if you accidentally spill your drink on it.

    Take control over your warm drinks
    Adjustable temperature, according to your personal preference: 131°F (55°C), 149°F (65°C), 167°F (75°C).

    Safety First
    The heat conduction is efficient & safe, the surface under the coaster will not get hot.

    The constant temperature guards you all night
    Not only does it help you conserve energy, but the “Auto-Off” feature also makes it so that the XBottle Smart Coaster will automatically turn off after 8 hours of continuous use giving you peace of mind.

    Suitable for all types of cups, mugs, baby bottle, etc.

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