Waterproof Ear Sticker


Waterproof Ear Sticker
Waterproof Ear Sticker
Every new parent must need these Baby Waterproof Ear Stickers!


Comfortable and Safe: Ear stickers are made of soft breathable PU film, safe, waterproof without hurting the skin, easy to wear, and will not bring any discomfort.

Professional Design: Easy to tear back sticker to protect the adhesive layer before contact with water. Breathable and waterproof PU membrane, hypoallergenic and soft. Easy-to-tear segmented isolation sticker, tear off before pasting.Waterproof Ear StickerPurpose: Before the baby swims and bathes, take out the waterproof patch and apply it to the baby’s ears, wrap it up, and smooth it. Take it off after swimming.

Good Helper: Infants and young children learning to swim can establish parent-child relationships, improve learning ability and improve physical problems. But water in the baby’s ears often happens. Water in the ears of babies is very dangerous and can cause otitis media. The ear protection for bathing babies can solve the common problem of water in the ears of infants swimming after three months.Waterproof Ear StickerMultiple Usages:Multiple usages these clear adhesive bandages dressing can be applied to make three-volt stickers, belly button stickers, pedicure stickers, etc., suitable for various occasions, which can protect your skin from external friction and moisture, provide you with a soft and comfortable.

Waterproof Ear StickerHow to use?

Waterproof Ear StickerOur Customer Feedback

It seals completely around the edge. My daughter wore one during an afternoon swimming and had no issues with the bandage falling off or getting waterlogged. – Glenn on May 2, 2022
Waterproof Ear Sticker

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