Watering System For Potted Plants


Watering System For Potted Plants
Watering System For Potted Plants

This is the on-the-go watering solution!

Are you worried about watering your plants during the holidays?

With this automatic watering system, you can leave worry-free.

Watering System For Potted Plants

Try this product to control water flow. Insert the plastic part into the ground. Pour a bottle of water over that part. Regulate the irrigation water through the valve. It can continuously water your plants for nearly fifteen days.

Watering System For Potted Plants


  • This automatic watering system ensure your plants green and lush .
  • This system helps you grow your plants scientifically and ensure plant health.
  • The speed of the sprinklers during the holidays is adjustable with the valve .
  • The sprinkler tip is compatible with most plastic bottles with a diameter of 2.75 cm. It is very ecological.

Watering System For Potted PlantsUSE:

  • Insert the valve into the sprinkler tip.
  • Cut the bottom of the bottle.
  • Fill the bottle with water.
  • Turn the knob to adjust the flow.

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