Wall Climbing Toy Spiderman


Wall Climbing Toy Spiderman
Wall Climbing Toy Spiderman

 Play, Fling, Click, and Toss!

A climbing man is a toy that can be placed on the glass. ceiling. and wall. It will slowly fall when you put it on. very exciting and fun.
Wall Climbing Toy SpidermanFeatures:

  • Safety material: Made of high-quality special rubber. sticky to the touch. red beads made of soft rubber at the ends of hands and feet. placed on smooth glass or wall. it will automatically roll down. Random color delivery.
  • How to play: Throw the climbing man on the smooth and clean upright table wall. glass (on the window). and the door. He will automatically turn down and follow the bucket. He can do difficult scrolling without falling. which is absolutely interesting and attractive to people.

Wall Climbing Toy Spiderman

  • Easy to clean: Please wash it after soiling and let it dry to play. This toy is suitable for all ages.
  • What you will get: You will get a random color climbing man to start your fun game.

Wall Climbing Toy Spiderman

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