Tinnitus KyaniteION Ear Cuff


    Tinnitus KyaniteION Ear Cuff
    Tinnitus KyaniteION Ear Cuff

    Tinnitus KyaniteION Ear Cuff

    Tinnitus KyaniteION Ear Cuff

    “My ringing was so bad that I could barely concentrate on mundane tasks. Luckily, I bought the Tinnitus KyaniteION Earring and my hearing cleared within just a few days. The change was gradual, yet noticeable! From then on, I never took the Tinnitus KyaniteION Ear Cuff off.”

    -⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Janice, 28, Glasgow 

    Tinnitus KyaniteION Ear Cuff

    “My tinnitus worsened tenfold when I hit adulthood. I’ve attempted medicines, drops, and pills but the ringing just won’t stop. I bought the Tinnitus KyaniteION Earring and  all my years of pain and sensory overload vanished in just a week. Now, I can hear better and I can concentrate more. I’ve been wearing the earrings for about three months now and the frequency and intensity of my life-long tinnitus has been a thing of the past.”

    -⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Samantha, 48, Wyoming 

    What is Tinnitus? 

    Tinnitus KyaniteION Ear Cuff Tinnitus is a term for hearing sounds that come from within your body and it is often described as a “ringing” sound but it can also come in the forms of humming, buzzing, grinding, and hissing. 

    What is the Tinnitus KyaniteION Earring? 

    The Tinnitus KyaniteION Earring is made from KyaniteION and Turquoise – Gemstone which is well-known for healing and balancing. As both bodies and crystals have vibrations. By aligning our vibrations with the crystal’s, the energy surges to us and frees it to flow throughout the body. That is an effective treatment for tinnitus (World-class data scientist recognised).

    Tinnitus KyaniteION Ear Cuff

    • Decreases the frequency of tinnitus
    • Protects the eardrum form damage and perforation
    • Improves hearing 
    • Decreases hearing oversensitivity
    • Increases focus and concentration
    • Improves general mood and sleep
    • Improves blood and nutrient circulation to maintain ear health
    • Medical-grade
    • Fashionable and elegant

    Tinnitus KyaniteION Ear Cuff

    Thalia’s hearing cleared all thanks to the Tinnitus KyaniteION Earring! Here’s what she has to say! 

    Before Use

    “I’ve had ringing in my ears ever since my 30s, I used to be able to tolerate and deal with the ringing but it just got worse by. I could barely concentrate on my supervisory work or even just listen to my grand daughter’s whisper. It hurts! Luckily, one of my daughters bought me two pairs of the Tinnitus KyanitelON Ear Cuff and it has changed my life for the better!”

    After Use 

    “My hearing cleared in just 2-3 weeks. It started with the decreasing volume of the ringing, then I noticed that the frequency of these episodes decreased. It came to a point where I haven’t experienced ringing in weeks. Eventually, I just realized that it has been months since I’ve had any major episodes! The ear cuff itself has a wonderful and elegant design that suits any color, style, and formality of the clothes I wear!” 

    How to use

    • Wear the Tinnitus KyaniteION Earring as usual.
    • Remove the Tinnitus KyaniteION Earring when taking a shower.
    Tinnitus KyaniteION Ear Cuff

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