Stunt Toy Car


Stunt Toy Car
Stunt Toy Car


The jumping stunt car fascinated me.Kids will love it.😍
Children need such toys to keep them away from electronic products.
Stunt Toy CarIncrease the time to communicate with children through parent-child games.
Stunt Toy CarFEATURES:

After the car hits, it will trigger the ejection device to make the car jump and flip.
Stunt Toy CarNo battery required. Drag the stunt car for a certain distance and then send it away and it will automatically move forward.
Stunt Toy CarYou need to reset the ejection device every time after playing.
Stunt Toy CarThe body of this stunt car is made of alloy material so it is durable and will not be damaged.
Stunt Toy CarHigh-quality craftsmanship. The surface of the body is smooth.Stunt Toy Car

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