Solaris Acupressure Lymphvity Earrings


Solaris Acupressure Lymphvity Earrings
Solaris Acupressure Lymphvity Earrings

Amber Braelynn submitted this photo of her journey using the Solaris Acupressure Lymphvity Earrings. Congrats on the success!

Solaris Acupressure Lymphvity Earrings

“Having a blockage on my lymphatic system is so annoying because it causes my legs to swell and now it is getting worse. I found these Solaris Acupressure Lymphvity Earrings and it says that it helps to improve blood circulation which can remove the blockage on the lymphatic system. It works amazingly! After few weeks of using these earrings, the swelling on my legs has been removed and I even lost 23 pounds of weight. I love my transformation with the help of these beautiful earrings, from wearing large sizes of clothes to small sizes of clothes!!”

How Lymphatic System Works & What Causes Its Blockage?

Solaris Acupressure Lymphvity Earrings

The lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs that help rid the body of toxins, waste, and other unwanted materials. The primary function of the lymphatic system is to transport lymph, a fluid containing infection-fighting white blood cells, throughout the body, according to the journal Lymphatic Research Biology.

And these lymphatic vessels act as a giant drainage system for the body that needs to stay clear for it to work properly. Just like in your home if the drains are clogged in your toilet or sink, you can’t get rid of waste effectively-the same is true for your body. Stagnant lymph flow leads to waste and toxin buildup, weakening immunity and leading to a wide variety of health issues.

Solaris Acupressure Lymphvity Earrings

Studies Uncover The Magnetic Approach to Lymphatic Drainage

The study has demonstrated that the application of impulse magnetic therapy produced a positive effect on all the constituent components of the microcirculatory blood stream of the patients suffering from lymphedema of the lower extremities.

Solaris Acupressure Lymphvity Earrings

The Solaris Acupressure Lymphvity Earrings contains dominant magnetic living energy that remarkably diminish swelling on lymph nodes and reduce 60% excess lymph fluid in consistent use.

Magnetic therapy realigns the electromagnetic charge in the body cells to promote self-healing, which is good for the lymphatic system. The magnetic field heals by alkalizing the tissue and releasing oxygen from its bound state back to its molecular state. By returning tissue to a normal, healthy state, the magnetic field governs energy recovery, relieves inflammation, swelling, acidosis and accelerates healing.

Solaris Acupressure Lymphvity Earrings

10 Minutes Wearing Test

Studies Uncover Ear Acupuncture Helps Weight Loss

Ear acupuncture can help people lose weight, with better results if practitioners stimulated five points instead of just one. Acupuncture is done to regulate imbalances and improper flow or circulation in one’s body that affects a person’s health. Earrings are punctured on particular points in the ear to regain balance and ameliorate one’s health.

Solaris Acupressure Lymphvity Earrings

Solaris Acupressure Lymphvity Earrings release negative ions which could increase the permeability of the cell membrane, to facilitate the absorption of tissue fluid into lymph vessels. Therefore prevent the blockage of the lymphatic system.

What Makes This Solaris Acupressure Lymphvity Earrings Be The GREAT CHOICE?

✔ Increase Resting Metabolism

✔ Flush Out Harmful Toxins

✔ Lose Weight More Easily

✔ Block Excess Fat Production

✔ Curb Appetite & Feel Fuller Longer

✔ Eliminate Lymphatic Problems

✔ Improve Mood & Sense Of Well-Being

Here are some of our happy customers:

“I have tried dozens of weight loss & lymphatic health product but none worked better than the Solaris Acupressure Lymphvity Earrings. It has really improved my swelling problem and I lose an empathic weight in just few weeks of wearing! I am slimmer and sexier now!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!” – Eloise Kennedy

“I’ve been gaining weight too much lately and it causes my arms and feet to swell. I can’t walk properly and I can’t move my arms anymore because it feels so heavy. This Solaris Acupressure Lymphvity Earrings helps to enhance my lymphatic function in just months of wearing it, my blood has been improved too. In those days of wearing it also helped me to lose more pounds of weight. That’s why now, I can wear extra small sizes of clothes now. My body has the shape that I always wanted! My arms and feet are not swelling anymore, my arms don’t have the saggy thing anymore. I highly recommend this product!” – Lilliana Fritz

Solaris Acupressure Lymphvity Earrings


Solaris Acupressure Lymphvity Earrings

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