Smart Compact Cleaner


Smart Compact Cleaner
Smart Compact Cleaner

You Care About Your Hygiene, But Not As Much As You Think.

Have you washed your hands today? Good. We have started worrying.

Smart Compact Cleaner

The new Smart Compact Cleaner says goodbye to filthy screens in an instant!

  • Remove Germs And Bacteria’s Efficiently – The Smart Compact Cleaner can penetrate cracks and crevasses better than cotton cloths, paper towels, and more!
  • Ecological & Long-Lasting – We sell products that are here to stay. Our new model is Washable & Refillable.
  • Carry Everywhere – Unlike the common cleaning set of spray and cloth, the Smart Compact Cleaner is easy to carry and fits any pocket or purse.
  • Multi-Purpose – Apply on mirrors, sunglasses, smartwatches, camera lenses, and literally everything that comes to mind!

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