Smart Airtag Wallet


Smart Airtag Wallet
Smart Airtag Wallet


An Apple AirTag is one of the most useful things one can have in this fast-paced world, given it makes it incredibly effortless to keep track of your belongings. You can attach your Apple AirTag to your wallet, car keys, and TV or AC remote, or slip it inside your backpack or luggage while you’re traveling.Smart Airtag WalletBy all means, there are plenty of exciting ways in which you can use your AirTag. However, in this particular guide, we look at a specifically fascinating product for your Apple AirTag – Glamzaa Smart Wallet AirTag

Worried about misplacing or losing your valuable credit and debit cards, Social Security ID, and business cards? Need something to keep all your money, important business and credit cards, and wallet safe and can easily locate them with your Apple AirTag?

Introducing Glamzaa Smart infit Wallet AirTag/Credit Card/Money Holder with Zipper Coin Pocket – a small, palm-sized AirTag wallet for men and women alike.Smart Airtag WalletGlamzaa Smart infit Wallet AirTag comes in multiple awesome colors. It is just about the size of your debit or credit card, roughly about 0.75 inches thick for easy and lightweight carry. It comes with an AirTag Holder that’s designed for holding your AirTag securely, so you never have to lose it or your wallet again.

New Improved Version for Extra Protection

We are the only Designer brand with an Improved and Upgraded Glamzaa Smart infit Wallet AirTag Side Button wallet enhanced with a minimized hole, so the AirTag doesn’t pop or fall out. We carefully listen and act on your valued feedback striving to provide you with the best possible product.
Smart Airtag WalletMaximum Room

This impressive AirTag wallet is finished with a fine contrasting saddle hand-stitch that can securely hold your Apple AirTag, 10 debit/credit cards, along with many more compartments for spare money change, bills, business cards, and ID.

Unique Design and Intuitive Pushover Sliding Technology

It even has enough room to place in a spare key. In addition, an intuitive pushover sliding technology allows easy sliding and your cards to pop out and be showcased in a tiered fashion. This way, you can instantly access any of the cards you have stored there.Smart Airtag WalletEnhance your wallet collection with the  with Apple Glamzaa Smart Wallet AirTag CaseTop-Quality, Full Grain Genuine Leather – Ideal Gift for Your Loved Ones

Made of Crazy Horse Genuine Leather, this AirTag wallet and cardholder is the real deal! This premium quality whole grain genuine leather wallet comes in a beautiful luxury gift box,  making it the ideal gift to give your beloved partners on any occasion.

Equipped with a fastened holster for the insertion of an Apple Airtag, our wallet is a long-lasting accessory crafted to complement the lifestyles of present-day men and women.Smart Airtag Wallet
With Abby’s AirTag wallet, you never have to inadvertently worry about losing your wallet, AirTag, and other valuable belongings anymore. The aluminum case integrated with RFID Blocking protects all your cards from unwanted wireless communication. So, you do not have to be worried about the safety of your private property.

Multifunctional, Sleek, and Compact AirTag Wallet

Get your hands on this fantastic, easy-to-carry, and superlight wallet. The dimensions of this RFID AirTag Wallet are 4.29 x 3.11 x 1.26 inches, 4.6 ounces. It has a multifunctional design which means it can be used as a wallet, cardholder, and AirTag holder.

Moreover, you can easily fit this minimalist, non-bulky wallet into your front or jeans pocket due to its sleek design and compact size.

Please Note:

  • The order includes 1* AirTag Wallet, Card, and Money Holder made with Crazy Horse Genuine Leather. However, it doesn’t include the Apple AirTag (AirTag is sold separately)
  • This wallet is for Apple AirTag 2021 – 1st Gen.
  • The size of the wallet is ideally compatible with Apple AirTag. It conveniently accommodates your valuable credit cards, business cards, ID reference, and bills and money.

Smart Airtag WalletThe best thing about Abby’s AirTag wallet is that it comprises a built-in slot case for keeping your Apple AirTag. So, in case you lose or accidentally misplace your wallet, you can simply use your iPhone to track your wallet, no matter where it is.

Altogether, this Abby’s Unisex AirTag Wallet with RFID Blocking serves as the ideal gift idea for your beloved partner, sibling, parents, and even friends on any occasion.

Glamzaa Smart infit Wallet AirTag with Integrated Case Holder for AirTag

BULIT-IN CASE FOR AIRTAG: Put your AirTag into the built-in case designed solely for AirTag, then you will get a slim and nice-looking AirTag Wallet. (The wallet holder only, NOT including AirTag or any other accessory.)

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