SlimmingHealth Arch Support Insoles


    SlimmingHealth Arch Support Insoles
    SlimmingHealth Arch Support Insoles

    Have you been looking for something to improve your blood circulation? Try our SlimmingHealth Arch Support Insoles and check our customers testimonies.


    “I’ve been using these pairs for about three months now and let me just say these have been a lifesaver for me! I’ve lost a few pounds thanks to the magnetic therapy pulse massage feature of this product, and I’m very happy with it!”

    Jennyfer Ashton—Omaha, Nebraska


    “I have been using these SlimmingHealth Arch Support Insoles for the past few weeks and I can feel the increased circulation in my feet and calves. I feel much warmer after using it on my feet. The blood flow feels much better after using it. Before using it, I felt pain in my legs from time to time, but not since I got it. This product has really helped me get rid of the foot pain I’ve been dealing with for a long time! Even my husband is using it now because he has some pain in his legs.”

    Jannah Chavez—Houston, Texas


    What Makes SlimmingHealth Arch Support Insoles SPECIAL?

    • Helps detoxification
    • Improves blood circulation
    • Expels unnecessary waste
    • Reduces lactic acids and free fatty acids
    • Cure lymphatic drainage
    • Promotes a detox cleanse
    • Relieves swelling on body parts
    • Removes lymph nodes
    • A great natural solution for lymphatic drainage
    • Clears up lymphatic congestion in your body
    • reduce muscle stiffness allowing you to fully unwind after a busy day
    • Improve blood circulation, relieve muscle tension
    • Stimulate the muscles of the feet and calves with low frequency pulse

    How do SlimmingHealth Arch Support Insoles work?


    Here are the unique features of SlimmingHealth Arch Support Insoles:

    SlimmingHealth Arch Support Insoles

    • It stimulates more than 2,800 reflexology points on your feet. Massages stress points to ease the aches and pains of Plantar Fasciitis or just tired, stressed feet. It improves blood circulation and metabolism. Restore the perfect shape of the legs overnight!

    SlimmingHealth Arch Support Insoles

    • Improves blood circulation and relieves muscle tension, foot fatigue, neuropathy, chronic neuralgia and plantar fasciitis. Stimulates foot and calf muscles with pulsed magnetic ring heating physiotherapy technology to promote blood circulation and relax the foot.

    SlimmingHealth Arch Support Insoles

    SlimmingHealth Arch Support Insoles

    • It works better in combination with the deep kneading massage function to strengthen muscle tissue and reduce muscle stiffness, allowing you to fully relax after a busy day. Intelligent infrared heating system effectively relieves fatigue, improves sleep, and soothes muscle stiffness and pain.
    • Infrared heating and pulse magnetic therapy massage provide you with a perfect foot massage experience. Magnetic Therapy Using artificial magnetic field to unblock your meridian stations and diseased cells. Thermal Acupuncture Therapy The heat penetrates deep into your tissues and can destroy diseased tissues and relieve inflammation.

    SlimmingHealth Arch Support Insoles

    • The main function of the hypothalamus is to control your body temperature, appetite and water retention. Located at the side of your big toe, the hypothalamus reflex points focuses on preserving an internal balance.

    SlimmingHealth Arch Support Insoles

    • The main function of the gland is produce hormones that controls your metabolism. Focusing on the thyroid gland during foot reflexology allows your body to regulate your body weight, muscle strength and cholesterol levels.

    Help Ease Discomfort

    SlimmingHealth Arch Support Insoles
    • It can fully balance the foot and heel, and relax the calf muscles and form the calf. Suitable for people whose legs, ankles, or feet are sore and achy from being on their feet a lot, helps relieve muscle pain.
    SlimmingHealth Arch Support Insoles

    Bioelectric Technology: Strengthened Muscle & Tightened the Skin

    • There are many ways to give your skin a boost and although using an electrical current might not be one way that immediately springs to mind, bioelectricity in skincare products is a new technology making its way from across the pond.
    • Bioelectricity is the body’s natural signaling process. When your brain tells your body to do something, it does so with electrical pulses.
    • It is also a key factor in the healing of wounds. Low levels of bioelectricity are generated by the injured tissue, producing extra elastin and collagen to rejuvenate and repair the area.

     Cuttable Size

    DIY heated insoles you can cut Electric Heated Insoles to your own size according to your needs. 5 mm thick and is suitable for men and women from 35 to 46 size. Ideal for all kinds of shoes.

    SlimmingHealth Arch Support Insoles

    How to use the FILBAKE USB heated insoles
    Cut size style: please cut the insoles along the cutting line according to your shoe size
    1. Put the insoles into the shoes respectively
    2. Plug the DC plug on the insole into the power cord respectively
    3. Connect the USB plug on the power line to the power supply

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