SlickWatch™ Watch Band Pliers


    SlickWatch™ Watch Band Pliers
    SlickWatch™ Watch Band Pliers

    Easily replace your watch band without damage at home!

    ✅Easy to use
    ✅Replace without damage
    ✅Adjustable spring bar pliers’ tool
    ✅Lightweight and Durable

     SlickWatch™ Watch Band Pliers

    Easy to use 

    This tool is perfect for professionals and beginners to change their watch bands with one hand effortlessly. SlickWatch™ allows you to quickly and easily insert and remove repair adjustments.

    SlickWatch™ Watch Band Pliers

    Replace without damage

    ChromeLEX ™  suits almost all watches, bands, and straps. It provides ultra-precision, in which you only need to clip both tips onto pins and replace your watch bands without damaging the watch. 

    SlickWatch™ Watch Band Pliers

    Adjustable spring bar pliers tool 

    SlickWatch™ can adjust to any spring bar width up to 30 mm (5 mm to 30 mm). It also comes with 8 sets of universal removal needles, which fit most watch brands in the market.

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