Shower Foot & Back Scrubber Massage Pad


Shower Foot & Back Scrubber Massage Pad
Shower Foot & Back Scrubber Massage Pad
We all know that there are many acupuncture points on the bottom of our feet, and it is good to massage the bottom of our feet regularly to make us less sick, relieve body pain, improve blood circulation, improve our sleep quality, etc.

Our silicone foot cleaning brush can be very good to help you complete the cleaning and massage of your feet, so that your feet get a good relaxation.

Shower Foot & Back Scrubber Massage Pad

Cleaning & Massage
The foot cleaning brush is made of over 500 soft silicone bristles that produce a rich lather when they encounter soap, quickly cleaning the soles of your feet of dirt and cuticles and massaging the soles of your feet as you rub them repeatedly.

Bottom suction cup design
The bottom of the cleaning brush has a unique suction cup design, which can firmly hold the ground and will not be displaced when in use; and it can not only be sucked on the ground, it can be sucked on the wall and any other position.

Shower Foot & Back Scrubber Massage Pad

It can not only clean and massage the soles of the feet, but also massage our arms, back and other locations that are difficult to reach by hand, and the whole body can use it.

Soft and comfortable
TPR material, soft and comfortable, and not easy to deformation and mold, suitable for use in wet environment.

Shower Foot & Back Scrubber Massage Pad

Hanging hole design
Cleaning brush with its own hanging holes, you can hang on the wall, easy to air dry, reduce the breeding of bacteria.

Note: To maintain good health, we recommend that you purchase 2 or more of different colors to easily distinguish between those used on the feet and those used on other parts of the body.

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