Scalable Rotatable Floor Scrub Brush


    Scalable Rotatable Floor Scrub Brush
    Scalable Rotatable Floor Scrub Brush

    Scalable Rotatable Floor Scrub Brush bristles easily move it through grout lines to deliver bright, clean results. No more sitting on the floor with a toothbrush. The right stiffening bristles help to remove dust, dirt, grease, stains from various surfaces such as tiles, grouts, wooden floors, carpets, etc.

    Sturdy Swivel Head: Sturdy bristles exfoliate wide surfaces and snap into corners, while front bristles are shaped to go into corners, gaps, and grout lines.

    Removable Head: This duster is removable and the brush head can be used separately. The handle of the upper brush head measures approximately 11 inches in length, which is perfect for hand holding, and the long handle helps you clean the tops of ceiling fans, behind furniture, or clean corners of walls.

    Scalable Rotatable Floor Scrub Brush

    Improved Innovative Design: You can fold Scalable Rotatable Floor Scrub Brush to fit whatever you are cleaning for maximum contact and the hard to reach corner would be easy to clean just like the special triangle head design.

    Easy to Assemble and Safe: The rods are tightened with threaded joints, easy to install. We have added a plastic cover on both ends of the rods, it will protect your hands while you install.

    Widely Used: Long-handled floor cleaning brushes are ideal for tile, glass, flooring, window, door, ceiling, fan, countertop, sink, and tight spaces around the toilet and are also ideal for use in the kitchen, office, on the floor, for the bathtub.

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