Pet Grooming Hammock


Pet Grooming Hammock
Pet Grooming Hammock


Grooming can be very stressful for your pets. Ease their anxiety with our comfy hammock and enjoy grooming, trimming and bathing your cats and dogs more easily!

Groomock lets you support your pet comfortably and at a more convenient height, so you can work on them without having to fight, hold them in place, or stress them out! It’s what every conscious owner needs!

Pet Grooming Hammock

Once you fit their legs in the holes and hang them somewhere comfortable, you will be able to save on time and do their grooming quickly, painlessly and with less stress for you and the pet.


Comfortable Trimming – Help your pet stay calm while you do the trimming, easily keep them in place while you cut their nails!

Stress-free Grooming – Elevated in their comfy hammock, your pets will stay relaxed as you groom them from a comfortable position!

Pet Grooming Hammock

Soft Material – Double-layer flanged fabric made, high quality breathable and soft materials, pets hanging on it is very comfortable, can be used for a long time, or it can also be used as a bath towel. Let your dog comfortably.

Pet Grooming Hammock

How To Use – Just place pet legs in holes, wrap around and use the S-hooks to hang. Hang the pet in the air, exposing the four feet and head, It has a front and a back. The wide side is for the head and the narrower is for the tail,use it correctly, never chock your pet.more easily installed than traditional harnesss, you can easily hang it anywhere in the suspension rod.

Pet Grooming Hammock

Easy to Clean – Warm water hand wash, machine wash, hanging, dry, not bleaching.

Pet Grooming Hammock


*If you’re close to being in between sizes, please order the larger size.

Pet Grooming Hammock


  • Hammock x1
  • Nail clipper x 1(safety stop guard design),
  • Nail file x 1,
  • Pet comb x 1 (rounded ends stainless steel teeth),
  • Premium quality S-hook x 4,
  • Hanging Sling x 2(suitable for the irregular bar)

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