Pet Food Spinning Windmill Feeder


Pet Food Spinning Windmill Feeder
Pet Food Spinning Windmill Feeder

Food Spinning Windmill is a delightful toy and meal-dispenser in one! This spinning Ferris feeder mentally and physically stimulates your pet to keep them engaged for hours.As your pet swats, spins and rocks the toy, treats are erratically dispensed for added engagement and enticing fun.

Slow feeder – It can effectively prevent the pet from choking when eating quickly, it’s good for digestion.Compare with the bowl, leakage of food will not let snacks spread all over the floor, more convenient for cleaning. Also, will not stain the pet’s clothes.

Rotating Design – The main body of the toy is a windmill that can rotate 360 degrees. In addition to the vertical rotation, it can also rotate in the horizontal direction. In the rotation at the same time, there are snacks falling. and there is a bell sound to attract pets to play.

Powerful Suction Cup – The strong suction cup suitable for all smooth surfaces, such as marble, tile, board and so on. It should be noted, the principle of suction cup is to squeeze air to create pressure. If air enters, the suction cup will not work, so it doesn’t apply to planes with gaps.

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