NoirMale Pheromone AttractionCologne


    NoirMale Pheromone AttractionCologne
    NoirMale Pheromone AttractionCologne

    Let’s hear from our satisfied customer who tried out the Noir Male Feromone AttractionCologne

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    “I wasn’t sure if it was going to work but I bought it and didn’t tell my wife. As soon as I put it on, she was super clingy. She was all over me like she was before we were married. When I asked her the next day why she was acting like that she just said she was super turned on by me and didn’t know why. I ended up telling her that I bought it but she is still acting the same way and it smells really good. I also noticed some ladies looking at me at the store and starting conversations with me out of nowhere.”—Joseph Martins—27, Faribault, Minnesota

     NoirMale Pheromone AttractionCologne

    The Noir Male Feromone AttractionCologne formula with the most potent pheromone formulation that affects moods and improves your interpersonal relationships. Enhance your natural pheromone production which inspires affection, and elevates confidence and romantic relationships. Our Noir Male Feromone AttractionCologne had the intuition to formulate alluring fragrances with human-compatible pheromones.

    Bruce L. Miller | UCSF Health

    Backed by Scientific Studies: Medically Reviewed by Dr. Levenson RW

    Pheromone perfumes for women and men are invisible fragrances released by our bodies to elicit feelings of sexual desire and trust from others around us. Pheromone perfume for her might offer you the edge you need to become the greatest version of yourself if you want to attract men for women or women for men more effortlessly. According to three independent customer polls, our product is already a pheromone to attract a person looking for increased attractiveness.

    NoirMale Pheromone AttractionCologne

    Human pheromone oil perfume for women and men may operate as an instant chemistry booster, enhancing your appeal and attractiveness. As a result, you may notice a change in your life and have enjoyment.

    NoirMale Pheromone AttractionCologne

    Pheromone Elevating Cologne

    Pheromone Elevating Solid Cologne, the formulation of the perfume makes it so that when it touches your skin, it elevates and strengthens the scent and potency of your pheromones. Once the contact and connection are made between your pheromones and the perfume, you will emit a stronger positive odor. Pheromones can also have the opposite effect and make you sexually repellent to some. People who have a love-at-first-sight reaction to someone or who feel a strong attraction to another person are usually experiencing a pheromone attraction.

    Love Pheromones: The Science Of Falling In Love (Dopamine, Oxytocin?)

    What are Pheromones?

    NoirMale Pheromone AttractionCologne

    Pheromones are similar to hormones but work outside of the body. They induce activity in other individuals, such as sexual arousal. The activity change during puberty suggests that humans communicate through odors. They are secreted outside the body, and they influence the behavior of another individual. This will take a brief look at pheromones and whether they can be found in humans.  

    NoirMale Pheromone AttractionCologne

    NoirMale Pheromone AttractionCologne

    Why Does Noir Male Feromone AttractionCologne Work So Well?

    Attraction can be a tricky topic, but if you’re wondering why you find yourself drawn to some people and not others, you’re not alone. Our Noir Male Feromone AttractionCologne can help you understand your pheromonal attractions and true desires, in addition to helping you with values, dating, and friendships. Noir Male Feromone AttractionCologne can boost confidence or a receptive mindset to explore and communicate needs and desires with a partner. 

    How sex pheromones diversify: lessons from yeast::National Institute of Genetics

    Why Makes Noir Male Feromone AttractionCologne So Good?

    The Noir Male Feromone AttractionCologne formula with the most potent pheromone formulation that affects moods and improves your interpersonal relationships. Enhance your natural pheromone production which inspires affection, and elevates confidence and romantic relationships. Improves your interpersonal relationships.

    • Enhance your natural pheromone production 
    • elevates confidence and romantic relationships.
    • An uplifting and timeless fragrance
    • Extra Strength Concentration of Human Grade Pheromones
    • Silky Smooth, Moisturizing Blend to Increase Pheromones Absorption
    • long Lasting Effect and Scent
    • Enhance your own pheromones with this fragranced sex attractant.
    • Releases a subtle scent unique to you.
    • Enhance your natural pheromone production which inspires affection
    • May operate as an instant chemistry booster

    NoirMale Pheromone AttractionCologne


    NoirMale Pheromone AttractionCologne


    • Lemon: In the study of the Human Male Sexual Response to Olfactory Stimuli, the scent of lemon was found to enhance the arousing effects of other smells on the body.
    • Mint: Recent studies have found it an aphrodisiac, increasing alertness, stimulating the brain, and dilating blood vessels in the sexual organs.
    • Grapefruit: makes it an excellent choice for warm weather, with the amber warming up the fragrance to fit colder days as well.

    Lemon | Definition, Nutrition, Uses, & Facts | Britannica


    • Ginger: Warming and spicy, ginger has been used throughout history as an aphrodisiac; more recently, ginger has been found to be energizing and uplifting. A recent study of Chinese folk medicines found that ginger acts as a circulatory stimulant and that it can aid in erectile dysfunction.
    • Jasmine: A study that tested several men’s and women’s fragrances for aphrodisiac properties found that the “winning blend” was the aroma of jasmine. Its rich, sweet smell has been used for centuries to improve libido and promote intimacy, which makes it one of the more well-known aphrodisiac scents.
    • Ambergris: In fact, Ambergris, like all aromatic substances of animal origin, is a pheromone and acts directly on the hormonal system through the sense of smell, without physical contact. 

    Most Of The World's Ginger Comes From This Country


    • Labdanum: the gift of the sunny Mediterranean and rockrose (a plant actually more related to mallows than roses). In perfumes it is a base note, depending on the aromatic neighbors it can behave in a sweet and soft, very cozy way, or can smell horse saddles, campfires, and adventure.
    • Incense: it’s known to fight depression and boost confidence, fertility and libido. Ayurvedic practitioners will also tell you that it helps regulate the nervous system, making people more responsive to touch.
    • Cedrus: One controversial study found that sperm were attracted to the fragrance, making women more likely to get pregnant when wearing it during intercourse. 

    Labdanum — Belladonna's Botanicals

    Here are more of our satisfied customers who loved our perfume:

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    “I was not expecting to like it whatsoever because I’m very picky with scents and am also quite skeptical about the whole idea of pheromones, but boy did I change my mind after having used it. Every single person I’ve encountered while wearing it has commented on its scent. The first time I wore it when hanging out with my girlfriend she started sniffing around the air asking what the smell was and claimed it was making her ears ring and that she, “couldn’t get enough of it.” She absolutely went nuts for it. Even my mother who hates almost all perfumes claimed it was a beautiful scent. I love it!!”—James Clinton— 26, Seattle, Washington
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    “I was talking to a cute girl that already seemed interested in me, and I decided why not test it out. When I came back in, she literally kept telling me how good I smelled, and was flirting the whole time. Then before she left, she got my number and gave me a hug. The next time I saw a girl we had a date, probably shouldn’t have worn it then because she was all over me. kissing, touching, etc. So, if you aren’t in a relationship use it at your own risk, seriously.”—Larry Johnson—34, Tampa, Florida

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