Nailcare™ Ingrown Toe Nail Drops


    Nailcare™ Ingrown Toe Nail Drops
    Nailcare™ Ingrown Toe Nail Drops

    An ingrown toenail is a foot condition that develops when the corner of the toenail grows down into the skin. It usually affects the big toe. Ingrown toenails often happen when people cut their toenails by tapering the corner of their toenails

    Nailcare™ Ingrown Toe Nail DropsIngrown toenails occur when the periungual skin is punctured by its corresponding nail plate, resulting in a cascade of foreign body, inflammatory, infectious, and reparative processes. Ultimately, this may result in a painful, draining, and foul-smelling lesion of the involved toe (most commonly, the hallux nail), with soft tissue hypertrophy around the nail plate.

    An ingrown toenail can have many causes:

    • Incorrectly cut toenails. If you cut your toenails too short or rounded, the nail may grow into the skin.
    • Improperly fitting shoes.
    • Tearing the corner of the nail.
    • Toe trauma, such as banging your toe or getting stepped on.
    • Congenital (your foot shape) — for instance, if your nail is larger compared to your toe, or the surrounding tissue of the nail border naturally grows around your nail

    How Can You Tell if a Nail Is Ingrown?

    Signs of an ingrown toenail include:

    • Pain
    • Swelling around the ingrown edge
    • Pink or red skin
     Let us hear from our satisfied customers!

    Nailcare™ Ingrown Toe Nail Drops “I’ve only been using the Nailcare™ Ingrown Toe Nail Drops for a week and what a difference! I’ve had toenail problems for decades!!!!! My nails aren’t 100% better yet but I still have half a bottle left and I bet they’re almost perfect by the time the bottle is up. It has literally changed the way I feel about my feet and my self-esteem.” – Andrew Jennings, San Francisco, USA

    Nailcare™ Ingrown Toe Nail Drops “I’ve been trying to get a handle on my ingrown for a few months now. I bought a few treatments online and they didn’t seem to do the trick. I saw an ad for this one Oil for correcting ingrown toenails and decided to try that next. I am SO impressed! Today is day 3 and I am already seeing improvement! & with the silicone toe caps, it’s the easiest of any treatment I’ve used to date and I wouldn’t mind if I had to use this stuff for a longer period. Best money I have ever spent.” -Carla Sanchez, Michigan, USA

    Powerful Ingredients that make it so effective

    Nailcare™ Ingrown Toe Nail Drops

    Shea butter, clove oil, eugenol, red myrrh alcohol, thyme extract, and tocopherol (vitamin E) effectively accelerate the healing of infected nails and break down the existing fungus. “Curing onychomycosis is challenging as it requires the eradication of the primary infection and protection of new growth areas from reinfection. The following ingredients may enhance the delivery of potent antifungal agents into the nails. The preparation has keratolytic and moisture-binding properties and may help in the treatment of onychomycosis.”

    Enhance healing with silicone gel caps

    Nailcare™ Ingrown Toe Nail Drops The treatment comes with toe caps that allow for faster healing. The silicone gel toe caps protect toenails from calluses, blisters, and irritation caused by walking. The caps facilitate toenail recovery after nail removal or while using Nailcare™ Ingrown Toe Nail Drops.Nailcare™ Ingrown Toe Nail Drops Nailcare™ Ingrown Toe Nail Drops Nailcare™ Ingrown Toe Nail Drops help relieve the pain and remove the ingrown toenails easily. It helps reduce discoloration, correct deformed shapes, remove yellowed or darkened keratin residue, normalize thickness, and hydrate brittle nails. The correction is painless and gentle.

    Highlights & Benefits
    • Promotes the fast healing process
    • Eliminates fungus
    • Painless & convenient treatment
    • Works on any nail shapes.
    • No post-treatment wound or restrictions
    • All-natural & safe formula
    How to Use
    Nailcare™ Ingrown Toe Nail Drops

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