Mosquito Killer Lamp


    Mosquito Killer Lamp


    *1. Entrapment light source technology, strong electric shock, to improve mosquito killing rate, and keep you away from mosquitoes.

    Mosquito Killer Lamp

    *2. 360°no dead angle pest control, can be used in about 20-100 square meters, protect you and your family from annoying mosquitoes and flies, bring you a quiet and comfortable night.

    Mosquito Killer Lamp

    *3. Physical way to kill mosquitoes, harmless to the human body, safe for pregnant women and children.

    Mosquito Killer Lamp

    *4. It can be charged via a micro USB quickly and easily, 1200mAh large battery support long operation time.

    Mosquito Killer Lamp

    *5. Lightweight and portable, easy to carry and hang, suitable for indoor, garden, farm, corridor, camping, etc.

    *1. Rated Voltage: 5V

    *2. Rated Power: 5W

    *3. Battery: 1200mah

    *4. Material: ABS

    *5. Light: 365NM

    *6. Applicable Area: 20-100㎡

    *7. Decibel: ≤35dB

    *8. Size: 62* 90* 162mm

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