Mini Wireless Camera

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Mini Wireless Camera
Mini Wireless Camera


The camera sends an alarm message to your mobile phone and records the activity of visitors on the memory card, allowing you to consult it later.

Mini Wireless Camera

  • NIGHT VISION: Integrated IR lights! It has an excellent recording capacity in low light conditions. Night vision range is 5 meters.
  • MOTION DETECTION AND SECURITY SURVEILLANCE: Upon detecting movement, the camera will send alerts via push notifications to your phone with an image captured by it.
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE: Integrated rechargeable battery. It also works during charging. You will rest assured that you can watch your family and assets, with a live stream, at any time.
  • EASY TO USE: Connect the camera to your phone by downloading the free application. The camera is ready to use!

Very small and discreet with a magnetic accessory. The camera is 3.5 cm in diameter, so it can be placed anywhere or on an iron surface. It is perfect for use as a surveillance camera in an office, home, car, among others.

Mini Wireless Camera

  • VIDEO AND IMAGE FUNCTIONALITY: The application allows you to take photos or record a video.
  • NIGHT VISION AND MOVEMENT SENSOR:When motion is detected, the camera automatically starts recording. The image is also clear if taken at night.
  • ANDROID AND IPHONE COMPATIBLE: Download the free app and easily associate your phone. Works with Android and iPhone systems.

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