LuminEssence™ Multi-Function Beauty Device


    LuminEssence™ Multi-Function Beauty Device
    LuminEssence™ Multi-Function Beauty Device

    What customers are saying

    LuminEssence™ Multi-Function Beauty Device

    “I’ve  been using this everyday for almost three months now and the LuminEssence™ Multi-Function Beauty Devicereally worked to  ease the stress on my skin and muscles. I love how I don’t have those lines on my neck anymore. I love how I can crane my head up and don’t feel the tightness and itchiness of the skin. All in all, this is the perfect non-invasive product for me!” -Maureen, 32, Tallahassee 

    “I tend to look older for my age and I hate that. However, I was able to restore some of my youth with the LuminEssence™ Multi-Function Beauty Device. All I had to do is charge it during the day, slip it on at night, and sleep with the device on. Come next day, my skin feels fresh and relaxed for showering and skincare!” -Elizabeth, 56, New Hampshire

    Electrical Muscle Stimulation: A Workout for Your Face

    Here at LuminEssence, we’re concentrating on the cosmetic electrotherapy branch of EMS. Our EMS device uses gentle, low-level microcurrent impulses to stimulate facial nerves.

    When the nerves are engaged, they send a message to the brain. Neurons in the brain then return the message to the surrounding muscle fibers, causing them to expand and contract.

    This expansion and contraction is precisely what your body does when you’re working out. When you use an EMS device on your face, think of it as every muscle group doing tiny crunches. The result is a toned look, with skin that’s tighter and smoother. One of our favorite parts is that the benefists are immediate with no recovery time.

    Vibration and Anti-Aging

    LuminEssence™ Multi-Function Beauty Device

    Since the face has a complex muscle structure suited for creating different expressions for both verbal and non verbal communication, vibration is also effective with easing stressed muscles. Vibration helps ease muscle rigidity similar to how back massagers work. Vibration causes skincare products such as serums, retails, and other anti-aging products to penetrate deeper into the skin. Vibration also helps firm the muscles which helps with increasing skin elasticity resulting in younger-looking skin. Vibration is the perfect non-invasive way to supplement your skincare routine. It can be done anytime and there are no proven negative effects to vibrating your muscles for extended periods such as when sleeping at night.

    Therapeutic Warming

    therapeutic warming

    Therapeutic warming delivers stimulation deep into the skin’s layers for improved circulation. The activation of your lymphatic system helps cleanse dead and dying skin cells from your body naturally. But don’t worry—the device never gets too warm to the touch, keeping your experience comfortable and soothing.

    Microcurrent EMS

    microcurrent EMS

    The EMS function gently lifts and tones your skin, upping your collagen and elastin production. Your body uses these building blocks to restructure scaffolding under the skin’s surface, remodeling from within. The result is more elastin fibers and collagen thickness.

    Red Light Therapy

    red light therapy

    Medical-grade LED lights send safe, warm non-UV light directly into the skin’s layers, which prompts cellular turnover and renewal. Over time, your body rejuvenates itself from the inside out, revealing fresh new skin cells that look young and smooth. Minor skin imperfections simply fade away, replaced with supple facial skin.

    Sonic Vibration

    ultrasonic vibration

    A gentle ultrasonic setting works to relax and open pores gently for maximum absorption of your chosen serum. The extra depth that the serum reaches can provide a long-lasting effect to keep your skin nourished and supple for hours. Vibrations also stimulate circulation and give your face a healthy glow.

    How You Will Benefit from the LuminEssence™ Multi-Function Beauty DeviceReduce neck wrinkle

    • Improves skin elasticity
    • Improves and aids the skin’s ability to absorb  skincare products 
    • Improves skin firmness
    • Anti-aging
    • Improves chin and face muscle strength
    • Reduces snoring
    • Lifts face
    • Improves and sharpens facial features

    LuminEssence™ Multi-Function Beauty Device

    LuminEssence™ Multi-Function Beauty Device

    Faith’s Experience with the LuminEssence™ Multi-Function Beauty Device

    Before Use

    Faith has been dealing with wrinkles ever since she turned twenty five. The loss of collagen made her face and neck sag which made her look older than she actually was. She didn’t have the time and money to book expensive dermatological treatments and thus was recommended by her doctor to use the Multi-Function Beauty Device to patch her skin back to its youthful glory.

    Month 1
    LuminEssence™ Multi-Function Beauty Device

    After almost a month of nightly use, she noticed her skin become tighter. The wrinkles have started to decrease in prominence and deph. She also doens’t feel the itchiness on her skin thanks to the increased penetration the vibration gave her neck muscles and neck skin.

    Month 3 Onwards

    Three months on and the necks of her skin have become less prominent. There were still lines but it was natural due to how the body is. Now, she looks so much younger all thanks to the Multi-Function Beauty Device.


    LuminEssence™ Multi-Function Beauty Device

    How to Use

    • Wash your neck (exfoliate if needed)
    • Apply toner and moisturizer.
    • Unplug the Multi-Function Beauty Device
    • Hook the ends on your ear like a mask.
    • Make sure the two nubs are facing inwards and firmly pressing against under your chin.
    • Switch the device on.
    • Leave it on while you sleep or do your errands.
    • Take off when you wake up the day afterwards.
    • To wash, simply take a warm and damp towel and wipe the nubs clean.
    • Wipe the nubs a second time with a dry towel or tissue.
    • Charge the LuminEssence™ Multi-Function Beauty Device before and after using the device for ready usage.
    • Store in a cool, dry, and stable place.
    • Keep out of the reach of children and pets.
    • For external use only.

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