Lifting V Firming Mask


    Lifting V Firming Mask
    Lifting V Firming Mask

    Achieve a sharper, firmer jawline from the promising sheet all from this Lifting V Firming Mask! Creates perfect contouring of your face without any form of facial surgery.

    Lifting V Firming MaskInfused with a hydrating formula and organic ingredients, this firming mask is made from soft and comfortable hypoallergenic fabric, extremely safe, and ultra-gentle to your skin.

    Lifting V Firming Mask

    Helps your skin to be more tightened, moisturized, and defined after a few uses. Effectively enhances the reduction of fat and fine lines appearing along the jawline and chin.

    Lifting V Firming Mask


    Effective Facial Contouring

    Noticeable Results

    Made from hypoallergenic fabric

    Infused with a hydrating formula and organic ingredients, this product uses the advanced Technology Formula,

    Promoting the regeneration of skin through the transdermal absorption principle.

    Reduction of fat and fine lines

    Lifting V Firming Mask


    Wash your face then dry with a clean towel; wrap the mask around your chin and hang it on your ears. Wear it for about 30 minutes daily for two weeks, then thrice a week afterward.

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