Korean Protein Thread Lifting Set


Korean Protein Thread Lifting Set
Korean Protein Thread Lifting Set


The Effects of Aging on Facial Skin

Diet, heredity, lifestyle and personal habits, and constant exposure to environmental factors play a huge part in the skin’s premature aging. But as we grow older, skin changes such as sagging, wrinkles, fine lines, and spots naturally occur.

First signs of aging are loss of volume and elastic tissue or elastin in the skin, which cause fine lines, wrinkles around the eyes, sunken eyes, and loosening skin especially around the mouth and jawline. These changes become more noticeable as we age and further lose the subcutaneous support or the fatty tissue between the skin and muscle.

Aside from normal aging, primary factors such as sun exposure and pollution contribute to the skin damage and aging. Exposure to these free radicals, which damage cells and the skin structure, will result in droopy or wrinkled, spotted skin over time. Other contributing factors include gravity, stress, obesity, facial movements, and even sleep position.

How Does Korean Protein Lifting Threading Set Work?

Korean Protein Thread Lifting Set

Derma fillers, facelift surgeries, and the minimally invasive alternative to facelift surgery, thread lift procedures are known to alter sagging skin. Thread lifts done by cosmetic surgeons have been around since the 1990s.

This fairly straightforward and painless cosmetic procedure works by threading thin, dissolvable sutures into the skin, targeting one area or several at once. This procedure could be done on the under-eye area, eyebrow, forehead or joles. But instead of surgically removing the loose facial skin, the inserted thread stimulates collagen production in the affected area, restoring the sagging skin’s elasticity and giving it an instant lift. The Korean Protein Lifting Threading Set offers a similar effect at a fraction of a cost.

The Potent Combination of Soluble Protein Thread and Nano Gold Essence for Natural Face Lift

The Korean Protein Lifting Threading Set combines the power of absorbable collagen with a blend of platinum gold extract, hydrolyzed silk, and other natural plant extracts to smoothen and firm skin. Used in conjunction with the nano gold essence serum, the protein thread is easily dissolved as it massages the skin and lets it absorb the nutrients from the serum.

Korean Protein Thread Lifting Set

Using the Korean Protein Lifting Threading Set a few times a week will improve the overall skin elasticity and glow, increasing the skin’s hydration, diluting the law lines, eye wrinkles, and forehead lines, plumping up apple muscles, and lifting the jawline.

Korean Protein Thread Lifting Set

The platinum gold extract from the spray serum stimulates skin cell regeneration and restores skin elasticity. While hydrolyzed silk protein protects the skin barrier and retains its moisture, improving skin texture, tightening and lifting skin, and leaving a radiant glow. Antioxidant-rich oat extract gives instant relief to dry skin by providing intense moisturization. This results in a plumping effect, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Korean Protein Thread Lifting Set

This reverse collagen essence serum and protein thread lifting set instantly smooths and firms skin, leaving it moisturized, glowy, and wrinkle-free.

Benefits of using the Korean Protein Lifting Threading Set:

  • Prevents sagging by improving skin elasticity
  • Provides instant lifting effect to the jawline, jowls, neck, under eye area, eyebrows, cheeks, crow’s feet, apple muscles, etc.
  • Deeply moisturizes the skin
  • Prevents dryness caused by water shortage
  • Tightens the loose skin
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines, laugh lines, and wrinkles
  • Stimulates the regeneration of skin cells
  • Transforms dull skin, leaving a youthful glow and clear skin
  • Fades dark spots
  • Contains gentle, safe, and natural plant ingredients

“To achieve an instant lift with improvement in facial tightening and rejuvenation, try using the Korean Protein Lifting Threading Set. The protein thread works by gently clasping the surface of the skin, creating tension in the thread and massaging the muscles, which lifts and suspends the facial area. Collagen in the thread is dissolved into the skin, providing an increased effect.This causes immediate improvements in skin sagging when used regularly.” – Dr. Charlotte Phillips, San Diego-based dermatologist, The Basics of Skin

How to use the Korean Protein Lifting Threading Set:

  • Evenly spray the golden liquid essence spray on your clean, dry face.
  • Gently place the golden protein lines on the cheek, forehead, smile lines, jawline or any part you want. It can also be used on the neck.
  • Spray the essence serum again to dissolve the protein thread.
  • Gently massage until the essence is absorbed.


  • Use 1 -2 times per week.
  • Use a whole bottle of the gold liquid essence spray for the first operation, and divide the rest into two pieces. Spray on the face every morning and evening.
  • It is recommended to use up one set of the Korean Protein Lifting Threading Set within 10 days.
  • Results may vary with different serums. We recommend using our 24K Gold Serum in our set for better results.

Sasha Strickland’s 14-day skincare experience with the Korean Protein Lifting Threading Set

Korean Protein Thread Lifting Set

I’m a 35-year-old with some premature skin aging issues (face lines, sunken under-eye area, and forehead wrinkles). I’ve already tried countless beauty products that “promise” to deliver anti-aging benefits, but I saw no visible improvements. A friend recommended me to try this protein lifting thread set. So, I did!

I used the combo (gold liquid serum and the protein thread), and on the first day of use, I didn’t see any noticeable results on my saggy skin and lines. But I did feel the plumping effect, like the product increased my skin’s level of hydration. My face and neck felt soft to touch, and I saw a glowy effect.

After seven days of use, my forehead lines and eye wrinkles were gone. This essense improved the texture of my skin as well. My skin felt well moisturized everyday. This beauty set even helped fade the sunspots in my cheeks with just a week of use. Wow!

Korean Protein Thread Lifting Set

No more wrinkles and sagging skin. I feel like the ingredients in the liquid gold spray even helped plump up the skin in the eye area. They now look less sunken and the dark circles were reduced. Super impressed with the quality of this Korean Protein Lifting Threading Set. This has become a staple in my skincare regime. Thanks!

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