Keychain Flint Fire Starter


Keychain Flint Fire Starter
Keychain Flint Fire Starter

The ultra-durable, zinc alloy & steel permanent match will be a lifesaver on your next outdoor adventure .

Works flawlessly anytime , anywhere , and in any condition , including rain or wind . 100% waterproof & stormproof. Great for starting a campfire or lighting a charcoal grill .Keychain Flint Fire Starter

Impress family & friends at the next camp outing or BBQ . From grilling to gas stoves, to all outdoor activities, this is a must-have . Crucial to have in the case of an emergency situation, &perfect addition to 72hr kits. Great to keep an extra inside your car as well . Doubles as a bottle opener . Keychain Flint Fire Starter

Combines utility and convenience , making it a must-have for hiking , camping, hunting , traveling, and other outdoor activities. Works well even when it’s wet or cold .Keychain Flint Fire Starter

The container is made of high-quality zinc alloy & steel , & has a strike life of 10,000 strikes. The canister is reusable and refillable .
Keychain Flint Fire StarterHow durable is it ?

Our multi-purpose keychain flint fire starter is made from durable zinc-alloy & steel. It was designed with high-exposure outdoor activities in mind like hiking, camping, hunting & more .  It’s made to last in the toughest of conditions, rain or shine. It is 100% waterproof with an O-ring sealing to safely store lighter fluid.

Keychain Flint Fire StarterHow big are they ?

Permanent Match size : 2.4 x 0.75 x 0.63 inches, weighs 0.5 oz. Tiny and compact, put it in your pocket for every day use . The key chain is easy to throw on your key ring, lanyard, in your car or backpack with your gear for a day hike or backpacking .

I’ve tried striking it many times & it won’t ignite, it only sparks, what do I do ?

1 – Make sure there is the proper & sufficient lighter fluid inside the flint fire starter tool .

2 – Make sure the wick is exposed & there is something for the sparks to ignite .

3 – Practice applying more downward force from the igniter stick onto the tool as you strike, this will create more sparks and have a better chance of igniting the lighter fluid .

Would this be a good gift ?

Impress friends & family with the perfect campout tool. Great for yourself or loved ones for camping, hiking, hunting, boating or travel. It’s a perfect tool for Boy Scouts & outdoorsmen alike. Essential for campfires, grilling, and barbecue activities. Have a camper or RV? this is for you, and anyone else who is #vanlife. Great stocking stuffer & addition to all emergency preparedness kits .

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