Indestructible Waterproof Shoes


    Indestructible Waterproof Shoes
    Indestructible Waterproof Shoes

    The Ultimate Lightweight Water Shoe

    The provides the perfect blend of comfort, style and durability for all terrains.

    Perfect for everything from Trail Running & Hiking, to Fishing, Camping & so much more.. if it involves the outdoors, you can count on for a great experience.

    Soft and free bending, flexible walking is not bound

    Created with your comfort, style & performance as the top priority!

    These are the only outdoor shoes you need.

    Indestructible Waterproof Shoes

    Key Benefits

    Comfortable, Lightweight & Breathable

    As avid outdoor enthusiasts we understand the importance of comfort on long expeditions.. our patented duratex material are so lightweight & breathable you’ll forget that you’re even wearing them. Embark on your next journey with unmatched comfort.

    Indestructible Waterproof Shoes

    Quick Dry & Waterproof Design 

    Stay dry with our DuraTex mesh materials. They’re fully water-resistant with holes designed to drain water with every step. Traverse rivers & creeks comfortably.

    Slip Resistant Sole

    Out on the trails, it’s easy to slip and fall with loose gravel & slippery rocks. With our non-slip sole design, DuraTex is perfect for even the most “sketchy” terrains.

    Indestructible Waterproof Shoes

    Quick-Tie Instant Shoe Laces

    You’ll never need to tie your laces on the trail ever again. Save time and simply strap up in seconds. The DuraTex is designed to fit snug & comfortably all day long.

    “Love these shoes.. got them for a hiking trip with my family and they lasted the whole time! Saw them on Facebook had to try them out, glad I did.. my new favorite pair.”

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