Household Essentials-Mesh Laundry and Shoe Cleaning Bag


Household Essentials-Mesh Laundry and Shoe Cleaning Bag


Robust and reliable: double-layer quality to protect your clothes from being broken and messed up by the washing machine.

Oversized: suitable for various shoe sizes, not only for washing shoes, but also for washing large clothes such as clothes and jeans, as well as household items such as bath towels, bed sheets, tablecloths, curtains, etc.

Household Essentials-Mesh Laundry and Shoe Cleaning Bag

Mesh laundry bag: The mesh bag has a large mesh, so soap and water can easily pass through the mesh. The honeycomb design has a better friction function and can achieve the best cleaning effect.

Auto-Lock Zippered: The high-quality zipper of the wash clothes bag has auto locking and smart zipper cover to avoid the delicates laundry wash bag from opening during washing and drying. And the side cover can protect your washer and bags.

Very suitable for packaging clothing: When you travel with friends or share a washing machine with your roommates, you can easily identify your clothes by washing your bags with the washing machine.

Convenient to hang to dry: The sturdy cord makes it easy for you to hang it on a hanger, and it can be dried quickly.

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