HD Fishing Binoculars


HD Fishing Binoculars
HD Fishing Binoculars


Professional anglers watch the fish float artifact and will not miss any fish.

Several times of high-definition magnification, allowing you to see further, completely liberate your hands

Also suitable for hunting, tourist viewing, TV, concerts and distant signs, free your hands.HD Fishing Binoculars

  • Telescope magnifying glass is made of high-quality acrylic glass lens, which can be enlarged by 3-6 times. The lens is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, and high-definition high-definition.
  • Telescope for the elderly and children can be adjusted with focus, and the filter is switched with it. It can filter the glare, clear and zoom in, and stay up all night.
  • Portable telescope takes into account peoples habits, the body is made of drop-resistant ABS plastic and soft rubber, strong and not easy to deform.
  • For fishing, outdoor, reading, field observation and vision development, etc., can also send elders, send leaders, send friends, a wide range of uses.
  • With glass lens, this quality glass lens makes superb quality image without distortions.


  • 1. Magnification: 3-6x
  • 2. Exit pupil diameter: 30
  • 3. Exit pupil distance: 15
  • 4. Resolution: 10*34
  • 5. Vision: 12-5 D
  • 6. Packing size: 19*12*6.5cm
  • 7. Package weight: 210 grams
  • 8. Colour: Black

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