Grease Gun Coupler


Grease Gun Coupler
Grease Gun Coupler


Grease Gun Coupler Features:

1. The latest version of the sixth generation. Upgraded design, push operation, avoid axial bending.

2. The longer version makes the design more reasonable.

3. Simple installation.

4. No need to observe when applying oil.

5. Maximum working pressure is 10000psi (690Bar)The double handle is easier to use and will not damage the pipe.

6. Ideal for continuous use without cracks, leakage, warping or typical wear.

7. The sealing ring of the nozzle is made of tapered rubber to ensure that the coupling will not leak, very tight and durable.

8. Grease enters the machine, not the machine. No more grease everywhere, no more waste.

9. End the chaos.Suitable for all grease guns-1/8” NPT connector.

10. It is suitable for all types of grease guns-pneumatic, manual and electric.

Grease Gun Coupler

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