Foldable Solar Outdoor Lanterns


Foldable Solar Outdoor Lanterns

Going camping yet concerning batteries for your tent lantern?
You need this Solar-Powerd Camping Light!

Foldable Solar Outdoor Lanterns

Bring it with you when camping, fishing, or even hiking as this can be your lifesaving kit! When in an emergency, you won’t be stranded in the wild with our solar-powered lantern. The waterproof design ensures the lantern can be used in the wild even under a heavy storm! What’s more? This camping lantern uses a 1,200mAh rechargeable battery that can be charged with either a USB port or solar energy. It provides 8-36 hours of light after full charging. Furthermore, in order to show the battery level of the lantern, the product features a Smart Solar Indicator light that shows the battery level in real-time.

Also, you can adjust the light based on your needs. Thanks to the four adjustable lampshades can be adjusted independently to set perfect lightning for each particular condition. The hook design also offers a versatile stance so that the lantern can be hung or set to stand on its base.

It’s a game-changing lantern perfect for indoor and outdoor!

Foldable Solar Outdoor Lanterns


  • Clover-Shaped Light
    The special foldable four light shades with a hook offer a versatile light mode for every situation’s needs, such as camping lights, nightlights, garden lights, and even emergency lights.


  • Economic Solar Charging
    It’s the most economic way to charge. No electricity is needed, easy to use. Once the built-in solar panel takes enough light from the sun, it produces electrical energy after full charging.
  • Versatile Lighting Source
    If you are looking for a less intense, but extended source of light, then you will also be able to use other three operating modes: high (800 lumens, 1.5-2 hours), medium (500 lumens, 2-3 hours), and low (300 lumens, 3-4 hours). Finally, for an intermittent light, you will be able to use the flashing mode for up to 5 hours.
  • Easy to Carry
    Thanks to the compact size, it can be easily tucked away even from the tightest of places without taking up much space. Light up anywhere, anytime!
  • Quick USB Charging
    The micro USB port allows the swift charge to give your lantern all the power it needs. Smart protection chip ensures safety by preventing it from overcharging, over-discharging or over-circuit.

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