FastFix Leather Repair Gel


    FastFix Leather Repair Gel
    FastFix Leather Repair Gel

    FastFix Leather Repair Gel

    Fix Any Leather Damaged In Seconds!

    This advanced repair gel can restore your cracked car seat, damaged leather surfaces back to their brand-new look!

    Made of advanced material™ which can offer full protection for the surface of leather & prevent oxidisation.  Super easy to use, you can effortlessly restore any surfaces by yourself!

    Works perfectly on all types of leather, such as furniture, shoes, bags, car seats and more. Bring your expensive worn-out items back to life!

    FastFix Leather Repair Gel


    Advanced Leather Repair

    Refurbish burns, holes, rips, and gouges quickly and flawlessly without leaving a mark.

    One Easy Step

    No skills needed – simply apply it and wait!

    Glossy & Flawless Finish

    Add a shiny protection layer to prevent further oxidation.

    Extend Lifespan

    Protect your furniture or car seat from recovering, deformity and unappealing scratches.  Lasts for up to 3 years

    Safe for All Leathers

    Wide Application
    Aside form your couch and car seat, your can use it for shoes, bags, jackets and more.


    1. Apply the repair gel on the cracked leather surface and flatten the gel evenly.
    2. Use dryer or wait until the surface is dry.
    3. Polish the surface or color it depending on your needs.

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