Eyebrow & Face Epilator


    Eyebrow & Face Epilator
    Eyebrow & Face Epilator


    Plucking your eyebrows can be painful and time-consuming…

    Luckily, you’ll never have to pluck or wax your eyebrows ever again!

    Our Eyebrow + Face Epilator will give you the flawless eyebrows you desire in just seconds!

    Eyebrow & Face Epilator

    Our Epilator’s 18K Gold-Plated tip provides a hypoallergenic touch, meaning it won’t cause any skin irritations or allergic reactions.

    It is also completely safe to use on other areas of your face as well, making it perfect for your sideburns or upper lip.


    Eyebrow & Face Epilator

    Our Eyebrow + Face Epilator is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in the hand of a woman.

    1. Simply remove the protective lid and press the only button on the device.
    2. While looking in a mirror, touch the illuminated tip of the device to the area that you want to be hairless.
    3. Move the device back and forth over the hair until it disappears.

    It is a 100% painless process and you will instantly notice the smooth, hairless results.

    Eyebrow & Face Epilator


    Eyebrows On Fleek – Unlike traditional hair removal methods, our Epilator painlessly removes any unwanted hair for an instant result.

    Safe For All Skin Types – Our Epilator’s tip is plated in 18K Gold, so it won’t cause skin irritations or reactions.

    Portable & Convenient – Designed to look like mascara, it is discreet and portable so you can always bring it with you and use it on any occasion.

    Built-in LED Light – A bright light that illuminates the surrounding area, so you can be sure to never miss a spot and always be on fleek.

    Battery Operated – No need to wait for your Epilator to charge… Ours is operated by a single AA battery that will last for months at the minimum. (Battery not included due to shipping issues)

    Eyebrow & Face Epilator


    For effortless eyebrow maintenance every single time, our Eyebrow + Face Epilator is the perfect solution.

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