Electric Mosquito Swatter


Electric Mosquito Swatter
Electric Mosquito Swatter

Easy chemical-free insect repelling

There are many ways of getting rid of pesky mosquitoes and other insects at home, but most of them involve harmful chemicals that affect your health.

With Electric Mosquito Swatter, you can have a relaxing time at home without harming your body.

Electric Mosquito Swatter

All insects gone in minutes

Place Electric Mosquito Swatter on its stand, and it will get rid of all the mosquitoes in minutes, entirely on its own. 

The built-in light attracts the bugs and mosquitoes and strikes them with electric shocks.Electric Mosquito Swatter

Why people choose Electric Mosquito Swatter

Completely safe for humans: the Swatter doesn’t emit harmful radiations or chemicals. The side nets protect fingers from touching the electric mesh.

Quick and efficient: kills most mosquitoes in minutes and throughout the night.

Long-lasting: Use the Mosquito Swatter for 4 hours on end without charge – more than enough time to eliminate all insect distractions.

Electric Mosquito Swatter

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