Dust Mite Killing Pad


    Dust Mite Killing Pad
    Dust Mite Killing Pad
    Get Rid of Dust Mite & Allergy!!!

    Dust mites are the scourge of allergy sufferers everywhere. They are microscopic insects, not detectable to the human eye, that feed on human and animal skin shedding, These can cause a lot of health problems and allergic reactions.

    Dust Mite Killing Pad

    Good For Your Healthy

    Does not contain pesticides or harmful chemical ingredients. In order to protect yourself, you should avoid Dust Mite to damage your health.

    Traps the dust mites into the cotton cloth with special attractants, and the dust mites are captured in the cotton cloth with adhesive.24 hours uninterrupted, safe, non-toxic, free of pesticides.

    Make Mites Visible to The Naked Eye Under Light

    One piece can be used for three months. After 90 days, you can use your phone or ipad camera to magnify the body of Dust Mites, and simply dispose of the old pad and replace it with another one.

    Data Results

    Tests have been carried out in eight households with different health conditions, and the results show that from more than 2,500 at the beginning, fewer than 500 were caught after nine months.

    Eliminating Mites is No Longer Difficult

    May be placed under the bed, within wardrobes, under the sofa or carpet, pet beds, and more. No more bug-spray choking and use a troublesome mite trap.

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