Discover Ways to Use Green Crystals for Healing & Protection | Meaning, Properties, & Types

Discover Ways to Use Green Crystals for Healing & Protection | Meaning, Properties, & Types

Crystals and healing stones are believed to have powerful energy that can transform the body’s negative aura into a positive spirit.

With all the negativity surrounding us, it has become even more important to protect our mental and physical health.

And gemstones like green crystals are true healers that can add divine blessings to a person’s life.

So, let’s find out how you can use powerful green stones for your healing, protection and well-being.

Green Crystals

Raw, natural, tumbled or rough – whatever form they take, green crystals are a source of healing, protection, spiritual energy, success and positivity.

Green gemstones come in light or dark contrast, often defined by their saturation and hue.

If you are new to crystal healing and can’t decide which stone to hold closer to you, you can always choose green crystal stone as it has endless beneficial properties.

There are also a variety of semiprecious emeralds with light, dark and many mixed shades to choose from:

  • Green Tourmaline
  • Jade
  • Turquoise
  • Zoisite
  • Green Amethyst
  • Diopside
  • Rainforest Jasper
  • Amazonite
  • Chrysoprase
  • Green Fluorite

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Green Crystal Meaning

In general, the color green reminds us of nature, calmness, earth, peace and all the beautiful things around us.

The meaning of green stones and crystals is about attracting fresh energies to neutralize the negativity within and around us. It gives a sense of security, harmony, compassion, growth and peace.

It is a magical healing stone that brings out the brighter side of life. They connect with the heart chakra to help someone find love.

Green stones are often associated with “movement or green light” that signals, pushes and motivates us to continue growing towards the end point.

However, it is not always associated with positive meaning. Sometimes the green crystal meaning is also linked to jealousy, hatred, illness and bad intentions.

Green chakra stones such as Moldavite, Jade, Verdelite, Unakite or Green Amethyst aid divine awakening, soothe broken hearts, neutralize negative energies and bring balance to body and mind.

But with all the different hues, hues, hues and saturation, how can you tell if the green crystals you have are real? You’re about to know!

Green Stones Identification

Natural impurities and imperfections make all crystals real and shiny.

Therefore, to know if you’ve spent the money on real green stones and crystals, simply hold them in your hand in front of a light source.

If the color stays clear, it means that the green crystals are not fake.

However, they can be transparent, opaque, dark, translucent, brighter or lighter in color.

Pro-Tip: Don’t waste your money on green gemstones with inclusions as they can easily be scratched or even broken.

Green Crystals of Death
Death crystals are critical green-blue inclusions in the body of a person suffering from serious diseases such as liver disease. They were named green death crystals because of their color and higher patient mortality rate.

Green Crystals

Green Crystals Symbolism

Green is the color of nature and evolution, so keeping gems like an emerald green can motivate us to make a fresh start, no matter the bad times we’re in.

It implies spring, flowering and fertility. Green crystals symbolize forgiveness, eternal love and the beginning of a new chapter in life.

Different cultures associate green substance and color with various symbolism:

  • In ancient Roman culture, a blue-green stone was used to heal stomach, thyroid, liver and stomach pain.
  • Some cultures have used aventurine to improve their intellectuality, focus, and learning.
  • In Africa, green crystals are used to nurture and stimulate fertility.

Green Crystals Properties

Light or dark green gemstones are natural healers with a variety of metaphysical and healing properties. They bring balance and harmony to our emotional, physical and spiritual health.

Here are some of the healing and metaphysical properties of the magic green crystal:

Green Crystal for Healing

Green gemstones are excellent healing crystals for people who are suffering from heartbreak, depression, or have lost loved ones.

They have high vibrational energies that soothe the disappointed soul and bring them back to the world of joy and peace.

The magical metaphysical properties of green crystal stones unblock the heart to find love again in the environment and within.

Pro-Tip: Keep a crystal lamp on your office desk or bedside table to completely release the beautiful vibes around you.

Green Crystals

Green Crystal for Protection

Powerful natural healers such as periodt, diopside, moldavite, emerald and maw sit green stones are perfect for everyday use to give a sense of security and protection.

It is an ideal positive stone for someone who is afraid of the little things in life.

Green crystals can drive away evil spirits and attract positivity. You can wear it on any necklace or  bracelet to feel secure throughout the day.

Green Crystal for Money

Green crystals and gemstones are popular in the healing world to remove bad luck in one’s life. If you are starting a new business or are still considering opening one, green stones can be your guiding energy.

These crystalline properties, like blue agate, relate to wisdom, intelligence, creativity, and wealth.

Green Crystals for Love

Green colored crystals have the power to promote unconditional love and romantic feelings in a relationship.

It can further strengthen your bond of friendship.

Green Crystals

Green Crystals Healing Properties

It not only has various metaphysical properties, but also soothes some physical ailments:

  • Green aventurine may maintain imbalance in your blood pressure
  • Aquamarine can improve stomach and liver diseases
  • Green quartz crystal cam supports the endocrine system
  • The light green period helps to remove harmful toxins from the body.
  • Green selenite strengthens the respiratory system

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Green Crystal Names

Green stones, forest green, light green, fern, olive, budgerigar, dark green gemstones etc. They are beautiful crystals in various green colors such as

They also sometimes come with a hint of blue, yellow and red.

Each of these different colors or types of green crystals has a different meaning, healing and metaphysical properties. Here is a list of green gemstones and their properties:

  • Aventurine

It is a pale to dark green gemstone that soothes, relaxes, calms and harmonizes the heart chakra. It is also called the ‘good luck stone’, which can attract love and good fortune into your life.

  • Jade

It is one of the most popular and expensive green crystals with a rich emerald hue. The powerful energy of jade neutralizes negative vibrations and nurtures spiritual and physical health.

  • Amazonite

Amazonite is among the beautiful blue and green minerals that are durable enough to be used in green jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and fancy earrings.

It is the perfect stone to wear in daily life or for occasional events. Amazonite removes energy blockages in the nerves and gives a feeling of relief from fear and anxiety.

  • Zircon

Olive green or yellow-green zircon is commonly found in Madagascar and Sri Lanka. These green crystals balance and align all the chakras.

  • Malachite

Starting with m, these green crystals have a mixed hue that makes it look like a darker green gemstone. It neutralizes negative energies from the environment and inside.

  • Emerald

These crystals usually have a bluish-green to yellowish-green color. It helps to find unconditional love, loyalty and balance in a relationship.

  • Prehnite

Green crystals starting with P-like periodt or prehnite are apple or light green in color. They shine with nature and help a person to take a right and beneficial path. It supports decision-making power and confidence.

emerald, fluorite, jade, etc. Almost all green stone names such as can be used daily. However, some dark or light green crystals and stones, such as ecanite, gaspeite, or hideite, should be used for display only.


Many people today are transitioning from traditional therapies to meditation, crystal healing, and alternative medicine to maintain and improve their mental and physical health.

Although there is no scientific theory to explain the magical power of healing crystals, they are most likely related to a person’s belief.

Powerful stones such as banded agatemulticolored jasper or green crystals are believed to bring peace, wisdom, prosperity, good luck and wealth to one’s life.

That’s all about green stone types, meaning and properties. Finally, share with us what we missed?

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