DirtAway Multifunctional Magic Broom


DirtAway Multifunctional Magic Broom
DirtAway Multifunctional Magic Broom

Do you have the following troubles when cleaning your home?

  • Remove stagnant water is not clean
  • Poor dust removal effect of fine dust
  • Hair entangled on the broom

With our Multifunction Magic Broom 2-in-1 Sweeper, no longer have these troubles! E.g. wiping, dust removal, hair sweeping, window scraping, oil cleaning.

DirtAway Multifunctional Magic Broom: Multi-functional use-easy to clean housework!

DirtAway Multifunctional Magic Broom

Multifunctional Magic Broom 2-in-1 Sweeper: Not only can you sweep the floor, you can also scratch the glass! Effectively dry the floor surface and easily remove dirt and stagnant water. It can be used to clean pet hair, long hair that makes you feel difficult to clean, etc. It does not stick to the broom and is very easy to clean.

DirtAway Multifunctional Magic Broom

Adjustable & Retractable: DirtAway Multifunctional Magic Broom can be adjusted between 60 cm and 90 cm.

Hangable Extra Long Handle: Attached extra long handle, which allows you to safely reach high windows without a stool or ladder. When you want to clean the dust on the glass or cabinet, just pick up the broom and raise your hand to clean it.

DirtAway Multifunctional Magic Broom

Effective Cleaning: Made of high-density PP material, which is not easy to break, not afraid of soaking, and easy to clean! PP material also has a certain degree of ductility, allowing you to clean the bottom of the sofa, the bottom of the bed and the corner of the kitchen from multiple angles!

Convenient Storage: DirtAway Multifunctional Magic Broom is easy to install and disassemble. You can hang it entirely on the wall after use, or disassemble it and store it, saving your space.

Multi-Scenarios: Widely applicable for living room, kitchen, swimming pool, garage, bathroom, can also be used as a window squeegee cleaning spray glass wiper.

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