Dadderlamp Lyla Coat


    Dadderlamp Lyla Coat
    Dadderlamp Lyla Coat

    Emphasize your femininity with this modern-style Coat. This winter you will not have to choose between warmth and style. Get the Ladderlamp Lyla Coat, it will protect you from rain, wind, and cold while being super stylish.

    Dadderlamp Lyla Coat

    The fleece inside this coat can be removed and installed by yourself, so you can decide how it looks to your liking! After removing the fleece, it is also a beautiful trench coat!


    This Coat has been designed with attention to detail. It has a top-quality buttons for longevity, and an elegant touch. The Lyla Coat is the perfect Coat for the Autumn, Winter, and Spring season.

    Dadderlamp Lyla Coat

    This is the Coat you have always dreamed of.

    Details: Micro stretch, Cotton, Hooded, Loose

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