Cool Ice Silk Summer Time Air Blanket


    Cool Ice Silk Summer Time Air Blanket
    Cool Ice Silk Summer Time Air Blanket

    Enhanced Coolness Feeling All Night

    Fighting for humid hot is hard, Air Blanket will help, Chill blanket is a blessing for hot sleepers and night sweats. The cooling blanket made of Japanese Arc-Chill technology, (Q-MAX>0.43, general blanket<0.2), cooling fiber will help you stay cool by absorb body heat, the cold blanket will reducing skin temperature 2 to 5°C, if you don’t like have to running the air-conditioner all night, the cool blanket is a great choice.

    Super eye-catching price ice silk fabric is adopted,
    Cool ice silk summer futon soft fluff on you skin
    It is king to the skin, and it is fresh and breathable quilting craft contrast color edging 100% silk thread filling brings a refreshing feeing that you have not experienced before

    Achieve a Deeper Sleep with Our Lightweight and Cool-to-Touch Summer Cooling Blanket Twin Size
    A Great Blessing for Sweaty Sleepers

    Cool Ice Silk Summer Time Air Blanket
    What is Q-Max?
    The larger the Q-Max, more heat will be taken away from body. General blanket <0.2, but our cooling blanket Q-Max more than 0.43, which will bring your unexpected coolness.
    Arc-Chill Cooling Fiber :
    The newest Japanese Arc-Chill cooling fiber technique add cool jade factor onto the yarn, which will make the Arc-Chill cooling blanket with moisture absorption, cool and comfortable character.

    Why Choose This Cool Ice Silk Blanket?
    1. It’s a Great choice for air-conditioned rooms in summer.
    2. It’s a Great Gift Choice.
    3. Spend a Cool Summer with your Family
    4. Blanket very Cool and Cozy
    5. This is also a Perfect Gift for Lovers, Parents, Grandparents and Children.

    Sound Sleep for Everyone with Cooling Blanket

    Made of 100% silk thread filling and premium polyester material, durable and safe to use.
    Stuffed by100% silk thread filling , no pilling.
    Lightweight and breathable, easy to fold and carry.
    Can be washed by hands or washing machine.
    Can be used as summer quilt or blanket at home or in office.

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