Comforting Succulent Pillow


    Comforting Succulent Pillow
    Comforting Succulent Pillow

    Cuddle Up With Your Favorite Indoor Plant!

    Like all living things, they grow! We made our signature succulent bloom bigger! Inspired by the rosettes and chubby petals of succulent plants, this pillow adds a delightful touch of bloom in any space. Each pillow’s petals are hand-assembled. Each pillow is unique.

    Comforting Succulent Pillow

    Make any plant lover’s day with our cute and quirky PlantThrow. The PlantThrow is the softer and more huggable version of your favorite succulent plants.

    It’s perfectly constructed with individual leaves, giving it that spikey look that most succulents are known for. Even better, the PlantThrow comes in a variety of colors, giving you the option to choose the perfect one for you or your loved one!

    Comforting Succulent PillowFeatures:

    • Puffy Design – Equipped with puffy spikes, the PlantThrow boasts a fuller and more huggable look. It’s larger than most throw pillows, making it a sure stand out in your bedroom, living room, or lounging area.
    • Decorative Piece – Apart from keeping you cozy, the PlantThrow can also be used to add some cuteness to your home. Make any space a bit more bright and jolly by decorating it with our blooming PlantThrow.
    • All-Around Use – If you’re a snuggler and want something to hug wherever you go, then the PlantThrow is for you. Take it along with you during a long drive, on an airplane, or even at the office.
    • Perfect Gift – We all have friends and family that are just in love with plants and gardening. The PlantThrow is the perfect gift to plant-loving friends since it will stay beautiful and vibrant for a lifetime.

    Comforting Succulent Pillow

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