Children Puzzle Memory Game Console


Children Puzzle Memory Game Console
Children Puzzle Memory Game Console

Watch, remember and repeat. Simon’s handheld video game brings exciting challenges. Repeat the pattern and advance to a higher level.

Children Puzzle Memory Game Console

Press the Start button to start the game.Observe the order in which the coloured buttons flash on and press them in the same order before the buzzer goes off.

The number of colors in a sequence keeps increasing with every correct iteration of the sequence of colors.

Play solo or play with friends to beat the longest sequence of colors

Description :

1. Teaching function: cultivate children’s hand eye coordination ability, creative thinking and imagination.

2.Safe and durable: these heavy intelligent children’s toys do not have sharp edges, so the baby can play safely!They are strong and inflexible and can be used repeatedly

3.Ideal gifts and holiday games: this inspiring educational toy will attract your children to play, enjoy thinking andlearning. Your child can play interesting board games at home or when traveling outdoors, which is very convenient

4. Exercise children’s memory ability

Children Puzzle Memory Game Console

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