Birthday Gifts For Mothers During Quarantine – DIY & Giftable Options

Birthday Gifts For Mothers During Quarantine – DIY & Giftable Options

About Mother’s Day Gift Ideas:

Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring the mother of the family or individual, as well as motherhoodmaternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. It is celebrated on different days in many parts of the world, most commonly in the months of March or May. It complements similar celebrations, largely pushed by commercial interests, honoring family members, such as Father’s DaySiblings Day, and Grandparents Day.

While some countries have a multi-century history of a day to celebrate mothers, the modern American version of the holiday began in the United States at the initiative of Anna Jarvis in the early 20th century who organized the first Mother’s Day service of worship and celebration at Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church in Grafton, West Virginia, which serves as the International Mother’s Day Shrine today.

It is not directly related to the many traditional celebrations of mothers and motherhood that have existed throughout the world over thousands of years, such as the Greek cult to Cybele, the mother deity Rhea, the Roman festival of Hilaria, or the other Christian ecclesiastical Mothering Sunday celebration (associated with the image of Mother Church). However, in some countries, Mother’s Day is still synonymous with these older traditions.

The American version of Mother’s Day has been criticized for having become too commercialized. Founder Jarvis herself, who began the celebration as a liturgical observance, regretted this commercialism and expressed that this was never her intention. In response, Constance Adelaide Smith successfully advocated for Mothering Sunday as a commemoration of a broader definition of motherhood in many other parts of the English-speaking world.

The global epidemic has completely affected the life cycle of people; Those who can’t wait to get dressed and get to work now “work from home” in front of laptop screens.

Children who flock to schools every morning are now waking up late and taking classes online.

Alongside this, celebratory occasions have also taken a shift so if it is your Mother’s birthday these days, it won’t be the same as previous years.

Besides that, the celebrations have also changed, so if it’s your mother’s birthday these days, it won’t be the same as in previous years. (Mother’s Day Gift Ideas)

But that doesn’t have to be pessimistic. We’ll discuss exciting ways to make the most of these special occasions, whether you’re away from your mom or “off” in a single home.

Let’s start with some online gifts. (Mother’s Day Gift Ideas)

1. 11 in 1 Vegetable Chopper Fruit Slicer

Quality interchangeable blades. Thin slice, thick slice, and grater. The 3 different stainless steel blades are easily adjusted, giving you a variety of thick and thin slicing options. The body storage design can store unused blades into the card slot. Easy switching is more convenient. (Mother’s Day Gift Ideas)

Stainless steel. Wear-resistant does not rust and will last for years. It is sharp and makes it easy to cut vegetables and fruits.

Safe to use and easy to clean. To avoid cuts, use the hand protector. It has a non-slip pad and a smooth surface. Clean immediately every after use, just rinse with water.

Convenient and easy storage. With its magnet design, you can place it on your fridge or simply hang it. It saves space and keeps it clean. (Mother’s Day Gift Ideas)

2. Dr Abels Sonic Uplifter

Mother's Day Gift Ideas,Gift Ideas,Mother's Day,Mother's Day Gift,Day Gift Ideas

Rollover your facial contour with fabulous skincare products !

Tighten & De-puff allows you to painlessly sculpt a firmer and tighter facial contour from the comfort of your home

This sonic vibration to soften the look of fine lines wrinkles while reducing facial puffiness. Shape your face more painlessly sculpt a firmer ​with the magnificent product. Use unique device utilizes if you want to have a tighter facial contour. (Mother’s Day Gift Ideas)

Suitable for all skin types this non invasive anti aging tool should be used daily. You deserve to have a firmer and tighter facial. Used daily for optimal results and applied to the facial contour neck. You will see the effect in a few days after applying the contour neck and body area.

Roll over your neck and body this handheld tool lifts the skin along your entire body. (Mother’s Day Gift Ideas)

The tool lifts the skin removes on the blemishes. Soothing sonic vibration in the comfort of your home. Change your life with the contour from the comfort. Your handheld tool lifts ​simply cleans your skin by massaging i

Just press the button to boosting the effectiveness ​on the too.

This unique device utilizes a soothing sonic vibration to soften the look of fine lines and wrinkles. (Mother’s Day Gift Ideas)

3. Silicone Kneading Dough Bag

Mother's Day Gift Ideas,Gift Ideas,Mother's Day,Mother's Day Gift,Day Gift Ideas

Distressed at the flour will stick to your hand or container when you stir it?

Super Fast, just three minutes to knead the flour into the dough, Flour will not stick to your hand or container, reducing the waste of flour. (Mother’s Day Gift Ideas)


  • A must-have accessory in your kitchen. With this miracle Dough Kneading Bag, you can add the ingredients such as flour, water, eggs mix all together, tie up the bag and start kneading. Such prevents the flour from splashing everywhere. For marinating meats or fish, pour ingredients in, tie the bag and pour in the fridge. Also can be used for pressing fruit and vegetable to make jam.
  • Large Silicone Kneading Dough Bag. Versatile for Bread, Pastry, Pizza, Tortilla, Dumpling, or any other flour-based foods. With a capacity of 53 oz, it is enough for 5 pieces of 12-Inch Pizza Crust. 
  • Reusable and Durable, It is delicately designed to serve you for years, you don’t have to worry about leakage or broken.
  • Safe and reliable Material. Made of FDA food-grade certified silicone, non-toxic. It contains no bisphenol A, BPF, PVC, BPS, and latex. Environmentally friendly and great for your family.
  • Easy to Clean and Store. Simply wash the bag with warm water or just place it in the dishwasher to clean. It can be stored folded or hook onto the wall, occupying minimal space in your house. (Mother’s Day Gift Ideas)

4. Adjustable Eyebrow Shapes Stencil

Mother's Day Gift Ideas,Gift Ideas,Mother's Day,Mother's Day Gift,Day Gift Ideas

Beautiful and exquisite packaging, easy to carry and convenient to use. Ideal as a gift for yourself or your friends.


Help to accurately position in eyebrow shaping and get a pair of symmetrical satisfaction brows. With this Stencil, it could be more accurate for those who are in the beginning stages of the permanent makeup eyebrow and lip. (Mother’s Day Gift Ideas)

  • FUNCTION: Eyebrow Shapes Stencil as a tool to help you make your eyebrow shape so that you can get a pair of natural and symmetrical brows.
  • SAFETY MATERIAL: Full plastic for the body, hypoallergenic material.
  • SAVE YOUR TIME: You can draw 3 kinds of eyebrows within only 1 minute. Better than disposable eyebrow card.
  • EASY TO CARRY: It can be conveniently placed in your bag. (Mother’s Day Gift Ideas)

5 Moisture-Proof Refrigerator Mat

Healthy Material: Fridge pads mat made of premium food-grade EVA material, SGS test pass, BPA free, Safe to be used in contact with food directly. Because it is non-adhesive, these fridge shelf liners are super simple to use and replace.

Cushioning Effect: Made from porous foam refrigerator mats, features a cushioning effect. It keeps glass items in the refrigerator from moving and touching while make the glass shelves clean without scrubbing.

Easy to Cut: Refrigerator liners free to cut, you can cut them to the size of your fridge shelves. Simply measure the size of the interior of your fridge shelves. Any trimming needed can easily be done with household scissors. This fridge pads mat comes rolled up, you can put heavy items on the sides and let it stay as it as for a few hours.

Multipurpose: It can not only used as a fridge liners and mats washable to keep fruits and vegetables fresher, but also can be used as a shelf liner, cabinet liner, drawer liner, placemat, coaster, table mats, desk mat, enhance beauty.

6. Twist Plait Hair Braiding Hairdressing Tools

Put a stylish twist to your hair using Twist Plait Hair Braiding Hairdressing Tools! This handy hairstyling tool lets you effortlessly style your own hair into beautiful braids without additional tools.Do up your hair in stylish braids that are perfect for both casual wear and special occasions. Hair Design Styling Tools, Hair Braiders are lightweight and comfortable to wear, yet securely grips your hair with toothed clips and spiral hooks. They are available in 2 versions for different braid styles.

7. Women Wig

1. Brand name: Hairy

2. Feels very like human hair and scalp, true-to-life in every detail;
3. comfortable for daily wear; No damage to your own hair;
4. The inner design is adjustable, so you are able to adjust the size for an ideal fit; The hooks inside the wig are fully adjustable to fit all sizes.
5. Easy to wash and care for;
6. Material: high-temperature fiber

  • Color:6 Colors
  • One size fits most
  • Synthetic wig
  • Great for costume Cosplay, fancy balls, and sports-themed events
  • Brightens up an excited and hilarious atmosphere
  • With elastic band for comfortable wearing
  • Reusable and easy to be taken care of.

8. Hip & Pelvis Trainer Leg Beautifying Device


  • HIGH QUALITY】This thick steel spring can bear high weight. Covered with sweat-absorbent foam handle allows you to enjoy a comfortable and safe workout.
  • TONE YOUR ENTIRE BODY】Simple but effective fitness equipment, toning for thighs, triceps, buttocks, hips and arms, excellent home gym exerciser.
  • COMPACT DESIGN】Lightweight and portable, convenient to use and easy to store, good for home use. Everyday everywhere you can easy to build your body.
  • MULTIPURPOSE】Thigh, Arm, Back and Buttocks exercise are available with this little thigh master, easy to use with a different movement for different body parts.
  • APPLICABLE PEOPLE】Long term use of it can thin legs and reduce fat of thighs. Fits for all fitness level people who want to have physical training.
  • Thin body, breast enhancement, beautiful legs, elastic buttocks, beautiful back, one step in place. You can give it to your brother, your husband, your dad, your boyfriend, your colleague, your buddy, your lovers.

9. Quick Drying Water Shoes For Beach Double Buckles Aqua Shoes


The 2022 New design version water shoes are suitable for Men, Women and Kids. A Lightweight, stylish, waterproof and breathable shoe that keeps your feet protected during water sports.

You want to enjoy protection and comfort in your travel adventures & favorite water activities. Our quick-dry water shoe which is extremely durable due to the high quality sole and can therefore cope with any ground condition, such as in the cliffs, asphalt or in the water. Due to the special materials, the shoe is also above average light and breathable. It’s the most comfortable water shoe you’ve ever had on.

  • Easy On and Off: The pull tap at the heel allows easy put on. The convenient shoelace/ magic strap closure design helps to quickly adjust the shoes according to the width of feet, make sure the shoes are tightly fixed on your feet, so as not to worry about falling off easily.
  • Breathable Fabric: Upper is made of mesh material with elastic, like socks that snug your skin softly that keep breathable and quick-dry experience.
  • All-round Protection: Thick rubber soles and a toe cap keep your feet completely protected from sharp objects and provide great cushioning. The 3D non-slip treads provide exceptional grip even in slippery conditions.
  • Comfort & Flexibility: The shoe has an elastic vamp that fits snug on your feet and the convenient overshoes design means it’s easy to slip on and off. Coupled with its light weight and no clunky, you won’t tire of wearing them!

10. StitchVision Quilting Laser Guide

Adding a laser to ANY sewing machine!

Sewing Machine Laser

Have you seen the new and fancy sewing machines that come with a built-in laser beam?

The Quilting Laser Guide provides a red dot vision guide enables you to trace any quilt patterns onto your fabric with ease.

Accurate Dot-To-Dot Quilting

Dot laser pointer designed perfectly for your free-motion quilting project. Just simply place any pattern sheet under the laser and trace along with the outlines. You can start and stop at an exact point, making dot-to-dot quilting more fun and easier.

You can adjust the tip of the laser to increase the light width when sewing dim color fabrics. Bendable arm laser lets you freely position the laser anywhere you like.

Straight line quilting is where most of us start when we begin to quilt our own quilts. To adjust the top tension tighter, turn the tension knob clockwise

The laser line can be used to sew straight lines to make half-square triangles (HSTs) or stitch-and-flip corners without drawing the lines corner to corner. It can also be used for dot-to-dot straight line quilting

My first laser was one I bought at Harbor Freight that’s intended to be used on a circular saw. It did the job, but it took some creative maneuvers to get it to line up properly

To sew stitch and flip corners, line the laser up with the needle. Then as the machine feeds the fabric, keep the corner of the square in line with the laser line the entire time.

You can get the laser in red, but there’s also a Green Laser!! The green laser is proven to be gentler on the eyes and is better for people who are light sensitive or have other health concerns with red lasers

If you’re concerned about sticking the Laser directly onto your machine, you could always put a Command strip on first, then just stick the Laser to that!

The laser is now ¼” away from the stitching line. If you want to know more about us You can read and leave a comment on blog posts.

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DIY Gift Ideas for Birthday

Receiving gifts is one thing; It’s another thing to instill emotions and make them yourself. Here are some unique ways to make this quarantine Mommy’s Birthday special.

1. Photo Collage

Mother's Day Gift Ideas,Gift Ideas,Mother's Day,Mother's Day Gift,Day Gift Ideas

Do you have memorable pictures with your mom on your laptop, camera and phone? Now is the best time to print them out from your printer and make a stunning collage out of them. Print them on Photo Paper for that authentic Polaroid feel. (Mother’s Day Gift Ideas)

2. Homemade dinner

Mother's Day Gift Ideas,Gift Ideas,Mother's Day,Mother's Day Gift,Day Gift Ideas

One of the most meaningful gifts for mom could be her favorite dish prepared by you. Pasta, Pizza, Rice, Custard; Whatever his favorite food is, put his soul into it. And you can put dinner in the oven and make things even more emotional by leaving a note on the kitchen counter that says “Baked Dinner”! (Mother’s Day Gift Ideas)

3. DIY Flower vase

Mother's Day Gift Ideas,Gift Ideas,Mother's Day,Mother's Day Gift,Day Gift Ideas

There are several options from which you can make a vase: glass bottles, food containers, corks, pinecones, disco balls or wood. Either make hanging versions of these or the more common, desk piece format. (Mother’s Day Gift Ideas)

4. Homemade Necklace

Mother's Day Gift Ideas,Gift Ideas,Mother's Day,Mother's Day Gift,Day Gift Ideas

Again, you can be as experimental as you want. Make necklaces from tassels, bracelets, leather feathers, beads, painted wood, plastic, jewelry or fabric fabrics. (Mother’s Day Gift Ideas)

5. Hand Mold

Mother's Day Gift Ideas,Gift Ideas,Mother's Day,Mother's Day Gift,Day Gift Ideas

Awww. Just the thought of it warms our hearts. He is extremely emotional, thoughtful and artistic; all at the same time. You can simply make them out of Plaster, but if you want to take it to the next level, you can find many ways to make hand molds on YouTube.

How do you spend time with your mother today?

If you want to look at the celebration differently and avoid giving gifts to her, we also have some unique ideas for spending quality time with quarantined moms. (Mother’s Day Gift Ideas)

1. Talk, talk and talk

Mother's Day Gift Ideas,Gift Ideas,Mother's Day,Mother's Day Gift,Day Gift Ideas

Make her day special by talking about the favorites here. Whether it’s food, a movie or a book; this day should only be about him. Don’t let him get bored by being busy with your online activities. (Mother’s Day Gift Ideas)

2. Make her an Insta Celebrity

Mother's Day Gift Ideas,Gift Ideas,Mother's Day,Mother's Day Gift,Day Gift Ideas

Show off your makeup skills and turn your mom into a celebrity. Take out all your makeup accessories and get to work. (Mother’s Day Gift Ideas)

3. Watch a movie together

Mother's Day Gift Ideas,Gift Ideas,Mother's Day,Mother's Day Gift,Day Gift Ideas

Download his favorite movie and watch it with him on the big living room screen. You can drink popcorn and coke with you to reflect the atmosphere of a movie theater exactly.

4. Give her a massage

Mother's Day Gift Ideas,Gift Ideas,Mother's Day,Mother's Day Gift,Day Gift Ideas

Essential oils are your tool and your Youtube videos, your teacher. Soothe her with an invigorating massage on this day because believe us, it can be really hard for her to isolate herself, especially if she’s a working woman.

5. Watch your childhood pictures together

Mother's Day Gift Ideas,Gift Ideas,Mother's Day,Mother's Day Gift,Day Gift Ideas

And laugh out loud while you do it! Moms love to discuss their journeys to motherhood: how you were born and raised, what your problems were when you were a little kid, how you managed to wake her up every night and much more!

6. Become a mistress for a day

While she does all the housework for a day, let her relax in her chair with a electric body massage massage and watch her favorite movie or TV Show.

What if your mother is away

If you don’t live with your mom and can’t meet her this Birthday due to quarantine, here are some ways to connect with her.

1.Cook together on a video call
2.Send him mommy messages that miss you
3.Edit photos with your family and gift them
4.Gift E-Cards and what to write as a greeting? Here are some emotional messages to help you.

Emotional Mother’s Day Messages

“A mother is someone who sees that there are only four slices of cake left for five people and immediately declares that she doesn’t care at all.” – Tenneva Jordan

“Mothers are like glue. They keep the family together even if you can’t see them.” – Susan Gale

Everything I am or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother. – Abraham Lincoln

“The more stars in the sky, the more respect I have for the woman who brought me into this world” – Unknown

“Thank you for every hug, word of encouragement, act of love you gave me” – Unknown

Where to Buy:

Although berets are available on many forums, Boonno offers you a wide range at affordable prices.

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