BioLap™ Whitening Spot Essence


BioLap™ Whitening Spot Essence
BioLap™ Whitening Spot Essence

BioLap™ Whitening Spot Essence

If you want to amp up the radiance of your skin and fade dark spots and discoloration, you can definitely benefit from adding the BioLap™ Whitening Spot Essence into your routine!

Product Features:

  • Whitens and corrects dark spots caused by sun exposure, blemishes, aging, and other skin conditions
  • Brightens yellowish tone and dull, lackluster complexion, leaving a luminous glow to your skin
  • Lightens and fades skin discoloration and pigmentation like melasma, red patches, freckles, age spots, and acne marks
  • Provides free radical protection and blocks pollutants and UV rays that can cause skin damage
  • Helps plump and firm skin while preventing premature signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone
  • Delivers deep whitening effect without irritating your skin
  • Contains sodium hyaluronate that locks in moisture and aloe vera extract that soothes and hydrates skin

BioLap™ Whitening Spot Essence

User Reviews

BioLap™ Whitening Spot Essence

Brooke Griffiths

The BioLap™ Whitening Spot Essence gives my skin the reset it needs! I’ve been using this essence for a couple of weeks, and it dramatically lightens the age spots caused by years of sun damage. My face looks even toned and has a radiant glow. I love it and I’ll definitely keep using it!

BioLap™ Whitening Spot Essence

Yasmin Ball

I’ve had freckles and redness that get especially bad when exposed to sunlight. I apply the BioLap™ Whitening Spot Essence every night and also during the day before I put on sunscreen. This has been helping to prevent further sun damage and keep redness and freckles at bay. I noticed that my complexion looks brighter and feels calmer and hydrated overall. Thanks a lot!

Maisy Price

I’ve had melasma and adult acne scars for years, and I’ve already tested tons of products with no dramatic results. With the BioLap™ Whitening Spot Essence, I got the visible results I want in less than a month of continued application! It lightens the pigmentation and improves overall skin tone and radiance. I love it!

BioLap™ Whitening Spot Essence

The BioLap™ Whitening Spot Essence’s potent brightening formula is perfect for tackling common skin concerns such as dullness, dark spots, uneven skin tone, and hyperpigmentation. Whether your skin needs a dose of luminosity to transform your dull, lackluster complexion or a powerful whitening agent to diminish age spots, freckles or pimple marks, this essence is your go-to product.

Featuring the Dark Spot Remedy Formula, the BioLap™ Whitening Spot Essence contains 3 powerhouse active ingredients that lighten and remove dark spots, including acne scars and other stubborn discoloration. Its trio of brightening superheroes penetrates the skin deeply to resolve the issue from the source.

10% Niacinamide (Nicotinamide) – Niacinamide is an effective whitening compound that reduces melanosome transfer, improving overall skin lightness. It has a powerful hyperpigmentation-blitzing effect, making it a reliable active ingredient to help fade dark spots caused by aging, blemishes, or the sun’s rays.

BioLap™ Whitening Spot Essence

3-0-Ethyl L-ascorbic Acid  This stable vitamin C derivative inhibits the production of tyrosinase and melanin, providing a gentle skin bleaching effect and lightening freckles, age spots, and pigmentation. This potent active ingredient also provides anti-aging benefits by boosting collagen and delivering antioxidant protection against free radicals, which prevents oxidative stress that makes your skin mature faster.

Tranexamic Acid  This acid lightens melasma, hyperpigmentation, and other skin discoloration issues by altering the way cells produce melanin, the pigment that gives your skin color. This brightening agent also helps with post-acne marks and sun-related dark spots and redness, evening out the skin tone.

Additionally, the BioLap™ Whitening Spot Essence has Pigment Prevention Compound Extract Formula, a concoction of citrus peel and edelweiss extracts, that prevents pigmentation and shields skin from external aggressors that cause discoloration.

Citrus Peel Extract – This ingredient contains a high amount of vitamin C that reduces melanin production and prevents dark spots from forming. It neutralizes free radicals, providing skin protection against air pollution and UV light exposure which speeds up aging and causes uneven skin tone.

Edelweiss Essence Extract – This flower plant extract contains flavonoids and phenolic acids, which act like a natural sunscreen that protects your skin from sun damage. This ingredient also calms inflamed or irritated skin and strengthens the moisture barrier.

BioLap™ Whitening Spot Essence

I highly recommend the BioLap™ Whitening Spot Essence because it contains a very stable form of vitamin C, an ingredient that is notorious for being unstable. It also includes other brightening compounds and nourishing plant extracts to help repair the barrier. And because it contains such a stable form of the ingredients and features soothing agents, it’s a great option for people with sensitive skin who typically can’t tolerate actives.” – Jodie King, a Dallas Texas-based, board-certified dermatologist

Anna Bennett shares her 2-week experience with the BioLap™ Whitening Spot Essence.

My skin struggled from melasma, dark circles, and other visible signs of aging, and I’ve tried tons of dark spot correcting products and nothing gave me dramatic results – until I came across the BioLap™ Whitening Spot Essence.

BioLap™ Whitening Spot Essence

After a week of applying the essence, that’s when I saw a major difference in my skin texture and dark patches. This stuff has faded 60% of my pigmentation, and I couldn’t be happier!

This works fast! In just two weeks, years of sun damage and persistent melasma have disappeared! As a bonus, this product is able to lighten my dark circles without even irritating my eye-area skin. I’m definitely buying another bottle and will keep this in my anti-aging skincare routine for good!

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