Bicycle Rack Storage


Bicycle Rack Storage
Bicycle Rack Storage

As a bike lover, you will definitely worry about the parking of bicycles. But now, we have produced a creative bicycle parking buckle, which can perfectly solve the problem of bicycle parking. Let parking also become a fashion. Bicycle Rack StorageFeatures:

Small and beautiful, saving space

Can be put into different states according to your own preferences.Bicycle Rack StorageFit the actual design

The curved buckle perfectly fits the shape of the bicycle tire. The upgraded bike buckle adds two rollers at the opening to help the tire smoothly enter and exit the buckle.Bicycle Rack StorageUse high-quality ABS material

The raw material of the product is made of high-quality ABS, which is durable.Bicycle Rack StorageUnique corner design

This product adds a personalized design that corners can hang items. You can put a helmet or gloves. The keychain hangs on the bicycle parking buckle.Bicycle Rack StorageInstallation method

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