Beautiful Waves Styling Kit


    Beautiful Waves Styling Kit
    Beautiful Waves Styling Kit

    Beauty Waves Styling Kit Features:

    These rollers and curlers will give your hair lift, curls and waves easily creating a unique fashionable style. No need for chemicals with this natural hair styling tool set.

    High speed and easy use

    Creates a mixtures of curls and waves

    Creative and different

    Hair holds shape

    Without any chemical damage to your hair

    Reusable and washable

    Included 24pcs (30cm)rollers and a set of hooks

    Beautiful Waves Styling Kit

    How to use:

    >>Control your hair, you want to curl humidity (such as the 7-8 layer)

    >>Divide your hair into several parts according the style you want

    >>Put the hair curler pass through the roller

    >>Hook your hair

    >>Pull your hair out through the roller with the hook

    >>Remove the hair curler

    >>Dry it with wind alternatively for at least 15 minutes

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