Artish Horse Clipping Stencil


    Artish Stencils for Horse Clipping
    Artish Horse Clipping Stencil

    Artish™ Horse Clipping Stencil!

    This Clipping Stencil range from simple shapes to extravagant patterns, one of the most fun parts about clipping your horse for the winter is getting to clip some fun designs.

    Simply Put On & Start Clip!

    Stick the clipping stensil on the horse quaters,  follow your stencil and  start clip around the design. Trim for complex awesome design in seconds!

    Artish Stencils for Horse Clipping

     No More Free-Hand Design Ever Needed! 

    Effortlessly clip design on your horse like a PRO. No more failure, unpleasnat or freakish free-hand design.

    Made of Reuseable Vinyl Sheet!

    The stencil could be easily clean and use repeatedly, which is very convenient. The lightweight sheet create no pressure on the horse quarter!

    Creatively Clip Your Horse With These Decorative Stencils For Unique Horse Styling Today!

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