Ancient Dragon


Ancient Dragon
Ancient Dragon

1. The Dragons Waterfall create a unique atmospheres. 1 hour of diffusion per incense cone(incense cone is not included). Soothes your daily life. Create your relaxed atmospheres. Delicately perfume your living space

2. The powers of incense: More peaceful sleeps without interruption. Promotes the creation of melatonin for naturally and restful sleeps.

3. Calms the nerves at the end of the day. The fine smell of the forest diffused in your house will make you forget the bad moments of your day.

4. Enjoy yourself in a relaxing and pleasant moment. Spread the sweet scent of your incense through the dragons waterfalls.

5. Develop your imagination and creativity. Smell has a strong influence on your brain, will process your emotions and stimulate your focus.

How it works:

1. Assemble the base with the cover

2. Light the incense cone until the smoke appears from below.

3. Place the incense cone at the top of the diffuser

 Ancient Dragon  Ancient Dragon  Ancient Dragon  Ancient Dragon

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