A Huge Collection Of 100+ August Quotes, Sayings, Poems, And Healing Words

A Huge Collection Of 100+ August Quotes, Sayings, Poems, And Healing Words

Welcome to the 8th month with super healing words, August Quotes!

“Get rid of the boredom and keep your passion alive again in August, because summer isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.”

Still, there’s a lot you can do, like enjoy a rain shower or listen to the winds echoing in the background.

For more, you can be creative or intellectual!

So listen to songs, play rhythms, read a book and jot down some August quotes for your loved ones as you can’t go outside due to heavy rains and suffocating atmosphere.

Here is a status poem that comes to mind, shared in the following lines:

“August is all about rain and drain,

But when you have a brain

All you need is to get trained

And gain

By writing some WORDS.”

Interested in inspiring and motivating quotes for August? Keep reading this blog!

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Happy August Month Quotes

In the 8th month, have you ever walked on wet grassy parts of your lawn on rainy days? If not, then you may have missed out on a great pleasure.

Walk with your partner in the green garden and feel the enthusiasm.

Also, read these August quotes to be thankful for life as it allows you to count all these blessings you never expected before.

 “Did you know that a bee dies after it stings you? And that there is a star named Aldebaran? And that around the tenth of August every year, you can look up at the night sky and see dozens of shooting stars? – Elizabeth Enright, Then There Were Five

 “August brings everything I listen to in late spring and summer into sharp focus and boils with rage.” – Henry Rollins

 “It’s hard to leave any bookstore, especially on an August day when the street outside is sparkling and sparkling and the books inside are cool and crisp to the touch.” ―Jane Smiley

 “Most of Europe is on vacation in August.” ―Tony Visconti

 “Part of the American experience: We’re dealing with mosquitoes in August.” ―Monica Hesse (August Quotes)

Here are some more fun-filled August quotes:

 “August is getting a little down on me. I don’t even feel like eating. And when I’m not eating, it’s a sure sign of recession.” ―Willard Scott

 “It is best to be born in April or August, when the life-giving Sun is exalted. . . because then we enter the sea of ​​life in the crest wave and are supported with abundant vitality and energy in the struggle for existence.” ―Max Heindel

 “August is a wonderful month in the garden, with lots of flowers, including dahlias, sunflowers, and other warm-colored flowers.” ―BBC Gardeners World Magazine

 “Everything is beautiful, everything magical happens between June and August. Winters are just the time to count the weeks until next summer.” -Jenny Han

 “Every summer my mom used to say, ‘Take that job and wait until August 30’.” ―Chris Matthews

To get a feel for the last days of summer, let’s take a look at some more stimulating August quotes:

 “What happens is that every August photographer sets up camp in Hyannis Harbor. That’s why whenever I go down to the beach, go to the pier or something, I can’t escape them.” ―John F. Kennedy Jr.

 “Take me to the island where people celebrate on the streets in August. . . Take me to Barbados.” ―Charmaine J. Forde (August Quotes)

“In August, the great clumps of blackberries, which when it blooms, attract many wasps, gradually took on their bright velvety crimson color, and again bent under their weight, breaking their delicate limbs.” – Henry David Thoreau

 “On a boat in August Corsica’s west coast is probably just as beautiful.” antoine arnault

 “Make your June beautiful, your July better, and August the best by looking into the eyes of the sun.” (August Quotes)

Welcome August Quotes

“Life in the summer requires June, July, and August, and it demands all your enthusiasm and energy in return.” (August Quotes)

So welcome August with the energy you had in the previous months. Say hello to the rain this month and if you want to rush through the mixed season, use trendy umbrellas.

 “Goodbye July and a big hello to August.”

 “Hellos are always joyful, even though goodbyes are depressing. So welcome to August and say goodbye to July, the beautiful month of celebrating freedom.”

 “Hi August, please be gentle and less eventful. I’m not in the mood for a lot of excitement this month.”

 “Leave the past month to the quiet uncertainty of the past. Let him go because he was flawed and thank God he was able to leave.” – Brooks Atkinson

Come some more hello August quotes and welcome the nice days.

 “May your August be filled with wonderful blessings of health, love, peace, happiness and prosperity.” – unknown

 “Welcome August! The grace of beautiful beginnings and unending blessings. Hey, you reader, may all your dreams come true this month.” (August Quotes)

 “Good things will happen. Welcome august!” – anonymous (August Quotes)

The collection of surprising words is another type of happiness. So why not dive into the ocean of beautiful august quotes to enlighten the inner self?

 “A new moon always brings positive energies and instills new energetic spirits within us.”

 “Calm down because August is here.” – unknown

 “Happy new moon, grandpa! You know I love you and I’m excited to spend this month with you as we always do, but this time it will be more fun. I promise.”

Check out more quotes about grandparent love and nurture the bond.

Tip: Pair a beautiful card for your grandfather with some resourceful gifts for him. (August Quotes)

August Quotes For Calendars

Mark your calendar dates with notable quotes and messages to sneak in motivation every day.

Some of the August 1 quotes:

 “Today is the first day of August. Hot, steamy and wet. It’s raining. I’m dying to write poetry.” ―Sylvia Plath

 “My dear, I suddenly realized that it’s July. Childhood is June, old age is August, but here is July and my life, this year is July in July.” – Rick Bass

 “The smell of freshly cut grass reminds me of Friday night football in high school. The smell of popcorn and cigar smoke reminds me of the stadium. Cutting the grass reminds me of the august practice.” – Garth Brooks (August Quotes)

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 “Faulkner sat in our living room and read from Light in August. It was incredible.” – Leslie Fiedler

 “Remember to be kind to yourself and others. We are all children of chance, and no one can tell why some fields are in bloom and others are brown in the August sun.” – Kent Nerburn

We’re not lost for words, here are some August calendar quotes:

 “Wake up every day with dreamy eyes because one day everything will be alright.”

 “Happy people are the best and August is the month of the happiest people.”

 “Every day the date changes, you change, why isn’t your routine the same, old, so exciting? Change it too.” (August Quotes)

 “You can’t believe in God unless you believe in yourself.” – unknown

 “Have faith for a better tomorrow.” – anonymous

Don’t forget to check out awesome August quotes and sayings for calendars:

 “If it costs you peace of mind, you overpaid.” – unknown

”The numbers on the calendar stay there, but you move with time, on time, and sometimes against time.”

 “August is the longest slow and gentle month of a year. He yawns and lingers with the light in his palms.” – Victoria Erickson (August Quotes)

“New Month, new beginning.

New mindset, new focus.

New start, new intentions.

And some new results.”

The scent of August:

Bright sunlit skies, nature’s warm colors, and the smell of seasons are about to change.

The hint of new beginnings, knowing something wonderful is around the bend. – Unknown (August Quotes)

August Birthday Quotes

For people born in August, these quotes will do magic. If you really know some August-born, send these quotes and sayings to them on their birthday and relish the bond together.

Also, if it’s your Kid’s birthday month, you can send them guotes about loving children to make them feel spectacular.

Some poetic August birthday month quotes for your wish cards:

 “Special people are those who were born in August.” – Anonymous (August Quotes)

“August is the month of the harvest

I congratulate you

Happy birthday today

And I wish from the bottom of my heart.

Having happiness in life,

Then that destiny will keep you

So that love does not turn.

Reach heights!”  – Unknown

 “All women are created equal, but only the best are born in August.” – unknown

 “Dear, August-born friend, you know what you are to me and you know that I am not expressive; I am blessed and that’s all I can say. Happy Birthday!” (August Quotes)

August Quotes

“The aroma of ripe fruit

August covered us for a month.

Your birthday has arrived

Become a pedestal.

We will all praise you

From the heart, and do not hide.

Happiness, the joy of wishing,

Happy birthday to congratulate you.”  – Anonymous

 “Birthday is a special day when many plans and millions of moments are completed. I wish you a very happy August birthday.” – unknown

Leos born in August:

 “Lions are some of the toughest people with the biggest hearts you’ll ever meet. Happy birthday, Leo!”

 “I wish you had a lot of happiness, because you are so kind, happy birthday girl.”

Tip: Make sure to match some gifts along with wishes and quotes for your August-born girlfriend. (August Quotes)

“Happy birthday we congratulate you

On this August day, we want to say

that we wish you all the best and joy.

May your eyes shine with happiness.

May love inspire you in life

May there be prosperity and comfort in the house.

Let them appreciate and respect at work.

And let friends never let you down.”  – Unknown

With more quotes about the month of August, your loved ones’ birthday will become more special for them.

 “There is no cure for an ordinary birthday, but yours can still be medicated with a great party. Happy birthday!” – Unknown (August Quotes)

“A woman like you can only dream

Any man wants to take such a wife,

Born in mid-August, Queen Lioness

With all my heart, happy birthday.

We wish that the king is always special.

We wish him the best in everything.

We wish well and still, want

Beloved to be and love yourself.”  – Unknown

 “Happy birthday, august-born dude, you seem so kind, but I’m happy that I belong only to the few you chose, you.” – anonymous

 “Nobody is perfect, but if you were born in August, you are very close.” – anonymous

The Great August Babies:

They are great leaders with fearless personalities and born with the ability to lead others towards a goal. Born in August, enjoy compliments from others and love to be the center of attraction for everyone. They are extremely romantic and easily show their love. (August Quotes)

Leo Zodiac Facts (From 23 July to 22 August):

August Quotes

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Last Days Of Summer: August Quotes

Check out these quotes about the end of summer, the last days of August to savor:

 “August rain: The best of summer is gone and the new autumn has not yet dawned. The only irregular time.” – Sylvia Plath (August Quotes)

 “Winter in summer in summer.” – Annie Dillard

 “This morning, the sun leaves behind the dawn. I realize it’s August: the last stop of summer.” – Sara Baume, A Comic Walk

 “August is like a Sunday in summer.” – unknown

 “August was almost over – the month of apples and shooting stars, the last carefree month for schoolchildren. The days were not hot, but sunny and clear – the first sign of advancing autumn.” ―Victor Nekrasov (August Quotes)

Summer is indeed an active season. So, when you finish, you feel that something inside of you has died (you’re talking about energy). So check these late summer quotes to keep it alive.

 “August was a sad month for me. As the days passed, the thought of starting school weighed heavily on my young body.” – Henry Rollins

 “We used to play football on set, in the summer – August in New Orleans – without a shirt on and my skin would turn red.” ―Harun Neville

 “Less than a month ago, all of August still lay before us – long, golden and reassuring, like an endless period of delicious sleep.” ―Lauren Oliver

 “One day you discover you are alive… but soon the sun goes out. It snows but no one sees it at noon in August.” ―Ray Bradbury

 “August, the last harbinger of unhappiness of summer, is an empty actor.” – Henry Rollins

 “In August, an inescapable blanket of heat descended on Paducah, the last breath of summer roaring its full weight upon the people.” – Kelsey Brickl, Paint

 “The last hot, sweaty month standing between me and pumpkin season.” – anonymous

Bring fun, joy and incredible energy to life this August summer. How? This is not rocket science. All you have to do is plan a beach party, pack some useful “beach” accessories and enjoy a day on the sand with your friends. (August Quotes)

Funny August Quotes

These humorous August quotes and sayings will undeniably make you laugh:

 “Don’t blame the holidays; You were already overweight in August.” – unknown

 “For all those sarcastic Halloween costumes and Christmas-themed recipes, let me just say… Calm down! August.” – anonymous (August Quotes)

August Quotes

 “Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Happy August.” – unknown

 “When you enter August, you want some beach days, some relaxing days, and some wives out of town days.”

Here is an interesting quote (in that sense) about August, as August also means “elite”, apart from being called the 8th month:

 “Actually, I can’t make it AUGUST anymore, especially after what he did to me last time.” – anonymous

Movie Quotes About August

We share great quotes from movies like “The secret life of bees” and “water for elephants”.

August Quotes Secret Life Of Bees

The secret life of the bees is the story of a girl named “Lily” and her maid “Rosaleen” and the story revolves around them and their entire journey to find a better life.

Let’s come to the dialogues of the different characters of the story.

 “August had turned into a sieve where the days just lay and sizzle.” – Sue Monk Kidd, The Secret Life of Bees

 “Well, if you have a queen and a group of independent-minded bees that have separated from the rest of the hive and are looking for another place to live, then you have a swarm.” – August Said

 “It is peculiar to us to put a black cloth on the urticaria. I do this to remind us that life leads to death, and then death returns to lead to life.” – said august

 “Our mother said she was like Mary when her heart was out of her chest.” – The secret life of bees

 “You must find a mother within you. We all do.” – The secret life of bees

We hope you enjoy finding gifts for mothers to expect from husbands?

August Quotes Water For Elephant

Water for Elephant is the story of a man who somehow left his hometown and luckily entered the beautiful circus world. Here are some surprising august quotes from the movie:

 “The world is tricks, games, but he has a real talent. A gift born in something that no degree can give you; You have such talent.”

 “When two people are asked to be together, they are together. It’s destiny.” ― Sara Gruen, Water for Elephants

 “Everything is illusion [Jacob] and there is nothing wrong with that. This is what people want from us. This is what they’ve been waiting for.” ― Sara Gruen, Water for Elephants

 “In my opinion you are doing it right; I’ll show you a life that most suckers can’t even dream of.” ― Sara Gruen, Water for Elephants

 “Age is a terrible thief. Just when you start to cling to life, it pulls your legs out from under you and leans on your back” – Sara Gruen, Water for Elephants

Famous August Quotes

Covering popular and motivational quotes sung by famous personalities.

August Alsina Quotes

August Alsina is an American singer and songwriter. Taking some inspiration from his words:

 “Take care of yourself. Your life can disappear in an instant.”

 “Love yourself and learn to love this thing called life.”

 “Some days I am on my feet. Some days, I’m down. But I think one of the things that moves you is hope.”

 “We live in a crazy world. You don’t know what will happen.”

 “People will throw stones and hide their hands and then come back and play the victim.”

 “I’m so focused that sometimes I feel like I don’t need to eat.”

August Wilson Quotes

Here are some quotes from the American playwright August Wilson. Let’s shed some light on his words:

 “I may be a different kind of fool, but I won’t be the same fool twice.”

 “Face your own dark sides and try to banish them with enlightenment and forgiveness. Your willingness to wrestle with your demons will cause your angels to sing. Use the pain as fuel as a reminder of your strength.”

 “I have a strong imagination and I have dreamed of many things for myself.”

 “My observation is that the black middle class has failed to return to society the expertise, sophistication, and resources they have gained in American society over the past 50 years.”

 “All you need in the world is love and laughter. It’s all that everyone needs. Love on one side, laughter on the other.”

August Quotes & Poems By Famous Poets

Make a quote or sing a poem and wow others with your impressive literature and intellectual skills. Let’s come to these memorable lines:

 “This August, show off your style and be sure to inspire everyone with your looks and beautiful books.”

“The brilliant poppy flaunts her head

Amidst the ripening grain,

And adds her voice to sell the song

That August’s here again.”

―Helen Winslow

 “Thunder in the sky makes the cloud cry, and life in august is like a storm.”


The seasons between spring and autumn, comprising the Northern Hemisphere

the warmest months of the year: June, July, and August.

The period of finest development, perfection, or beauty previous to any decline; the summer of life.”

―Cecelia Ahern

 “Some days are cool while others are hot; August is the month we are talking about.”

“The quiet August noon has come;

A slumberous silence fills the sky;

The winds are still, the trees are dumb,

In glassy sleep the waters lie.”

―William Cullen Bryant

 “The calming, slightly cold nights of August make you wish for a warm partner and some alone time.”

“When you stand on the banks

of Penn Swamp Pond in August,

those injuries can save your life

and keep you picking till the bush is bare.”

― Charles Rafferty, Where the Glories of April Lead

 ” But summers are ending and we will enter autumn. Yet the heart is spring and the feelings are wonderful.”

“August breeze—

perched on the flame tree,

a red-vented Bulbul.”

― Meeta Ahluwalia

Bottom Line

Tell us the poem, quote or quote you like about August and let us know how you like our collection of quotes.

Celebrate the end of the summer months with enthusiasm just like at the beginning of this season, and then enter September with words that will warm your heart since it was a holiday a month ago.

Speaking of October, when the scariest event of the year is experienced, Halloween is waiting for you.

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