7 in 1 Activity Cube


    7 in 1 Activity Cube
    7 in 1 Activity Cube

    Fun and Interactive Learning All In One!

    7 in 1 Activity Cube
    Stimulate your baby’s senses with all the fun activities that this toy has to offer! It comes with a new and exciting activity on each side that will surely keep your child entertained for hours.

    This is just not a fun toy to play with, but it is also beneficial to your baby’s brain development. In fact, it strengthens their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and communication skills, making BabySense essential for every playroom.


    • Multifunctional design – The BabySense comes with different activities that your baby can enjoy all in one toy. Plus, it flashes colorful lights and plays catchy tunes that will surely make your baby dance and bop with glee.
    • Safe components – Never worry about leaving your child alone with the BabySense. It comes with gentle and rounded edges that prevent your child from getting hurt during playtime.
    • Stimulating colors – Not only are the activities engaging but so are all the colors used to create the BabySense. This way, your baby always gets excited to tinker with the keys, knobs, and beads that are scattered all over the BabySense.
    • Portable and lightweight – Your baby can enjoy the BabySense anytime and anywhere. Take it with you during long road trips and walks at the park to keep your baby entertained for hours.

    7 in 1 Activity Cube

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