2 In 1 Red Wine Stopper


    2 In 1 Red Wine Stopper
    2 In 1 Red Wine Stopper


    2 In 1 Red Wine Stopper Features:

    2-in-1 versatility

    It is both a wine stopper and a wine pourer. The unique design transforms from a stopper to a wine decanter with a simple turn, saving time when pouring and waking up wine.

    2 In 1 Red Wine Stopper

    Easy to use

    Simply insert the wine pourer vertically into the mouth of the bottle and pour the wine, easy and convenient to use for regular red wine bottles

    Wide range of use

    Not only suitable for home use, but also for hotels, clubs, bars, etc. And the product is suitable for almost all wine bottle mouths, such as red wine, Merlot wine, champagne, beer, etc.

    Material safety

    This product is made of food-grade silicone + acrylic material, safe and harmless, no odor, will not cause pollution to red wine, nor will it have any effect on human body, and you can also drink with confidence after use.

    Strong sealing, no leakage

    The product has been tested for strict sealing measures, and the vacuum is highly efficient in preserving freshness, with a sealing effect of up to 100%, keeping wine fresh for up to 10 days.

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