10 Magical Formulas And Tools You Need To Be A Kitchen Witch

10 Magical Formulas And Tools You Need To Be A Kitchen Witch

Being a Kitchen witch is more like being a kitchen hero, but with magical abilities and superpowers.

Modern Kitchen witches are more than just old Culinary experts.

Being a Kitchenette witch today means you have mastered all the magic and charms of cooking and make your kitchen a true place of blessing in your home.

But how do you become one?

Although there are many culinary guides to assist with these, they are often very expensive.

What should we do?

Don’t worry, don’t hesitate to read this FREE GUIDE to become the best kitchen witch in your community. (Kitchen Witch)

Here’s everything you need to know about being a Kitchen Magician:

What is a Kitchen Witch?

Kitchen Witch

A Kitchen Witch, also known as a hearth witch, practices magic in the kitchen, using food items, herbs, spices, and everyday utensils in kitchen cabinets and gardens.

She prepares fascinating food while keeping everything spiritually clean and tidy.

The idea is not new and has been around for a very long time. (Kitchen Witch)

You can connect with events you found when your grandmother was doing magic at the spice sanctuary and cooking talisman dishes that smelled like angels and God.

You can definitely feel the taste of their recipes on the tips of your lips and in the buds of your taste buds.

A question arises, what was the special ingredient a regular pie uses to make it feel like a meal from a folkloric fairy tale? Do grandmothers know magic?

Not lying, but yes!

Grandmothers have always seen their kitchen as a temple where they cook with the purest heart and full passion, as if in prayer.

“Of course, the power of magic in the hands of the old ladies made everything they prepared felt gaudy and very connected with the flavors of the heavens.”

It’s not hard to be a kitchen witch today, too.

With a tinge of “flavoring powers”, a hint of “measuring accuracy”, a puff of “organic spice addition”, and a swish of “cleaning enchantments”, you can attain the powers of your Granny and Mom. (Kitchen Witch)

What It Takes to Be A Kitchen Witch?

A Kitchen wizard is the lady of the house, who loves being at home, playing with magical herbs and spices, and always ready to cast different “taste” spells with ordinary ingredients.

“Being a Kitchen wizard is not just mastering in herbs and spices, cooking excellent food, and knowing to use cooking utensils, but it is about feeling fulfilled, and satisfied at each move of cooking.”

If you’re worried about whether you can become the Kitchen Wizard with magical powers, the answer is… you can!

Every woman is the mistress of the house, Eva, and is born with God-granted magical powers:

She carries babies in her womb and never lets her go hungry even in her tummy. It shows that every lady is already a goddess of magic.

So, her potential to become a Kitchen Magician is right here; All you have to do is get to know what’s inside.(Kitchen Witch)

How to become a Kitchen Witch?

Here are 10 Magic Formulas and Tools to help you become the Kitchen Eve Witch of your home:

1. Live in Present Moment – Be A Modern Kitchen Witch – Use Widget Tools:

Kitchen Witch

You are the modern kitchen wizard, so you need to stay in the present. Not only that, your kitchen should also have modern appliances. (Kitchen Witch)

A myth that most of us believe we have to go back and forth while doing Culinary magic; This is wrong!(Kitchen Witch)

Magic means keeping things simple and easy-to-do and doing charms in a less-hassling manner.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Make your kitchen the safest place to be in by having a fire blanket in your pantry.
  2. Replace old fashioned cutters, knives, and food storage with modern gadgets.
  3. Try to use  guick choppers as proper-chopping is a must when it comes to making a magical meal.
  4. Crush the ingredients with a presser as Harry did with the Sopophorous bean while preparing the “Draught of Living
  5. Death” potion. (Ref: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie)
  6. Try to organize spices and herbs into small jars and use organizer racks to keep them together.
  7. Choose kitchen cleaning tools wisely that come handy to clean each part of it.

Remember: this is not just a kitchen, it is a temple where the witch practiced magic and cast spells for good.

Therefore, you need the appropriate tools to cast spells. Wands, pentagrams, swords and goblets are the basic gears of magic.

However, do not forget, you’re a Modern Witch and require modern solutions. All with this, think of, a modern Witch does magic in a modern way.

That’s why we have other innovative product ideas for every novice chef. These ideas include: pea peeler, storage rack, can lid opener, and kabab grill baskets. For magical cooking, it is recommended to have as many culinary products as possible.

2. Keep your Space Sacred – Cleaning Wizardry:

Kitchen Witch

When Nature and Sorcery intertwine, they make the perfect potions for every need of a home.

Being a culinary magician not only requires you to be wise, knowledgeable, and a good student, it also requires you to keep your place holy. (Kitchen Witch)

Cleanliness is divinity and as a Kitchen Witch you will always have Guardians and Gods around; therefore your cooking area should be as pure as a mirror.

For this, you do not need to buy detergents because you are a witch, and you need to be able to make cleansing potions with natural herbs.

However, as a contemporary Kitchen magician, you are allowed to have some magic cleaning tools and gadgets on hand to save time on cleaning and allow you to spend it on research.(Kitchen Witch)

3. Start a Self-sufficient Garden – Kitchen Witch Herbs Home:

The main idea of being a Kitchen Wizard is to be completely independent and dependent on buying things from the market; Here they find everything in the witches herb garden set.

Grannies had no access to internet, yet they were always relishing with all fodder stocks.

The superpower that all old ladies had was self-sufficiency. They were experts in Herblore, they were interested in gardening, and they understood the sanity of the world.

They knew the land and loved to create, grow and give birth to seeds.

“In modern times we call it the Legume Orenda” Kitchen Garden. But what will make your Kitchen Garden a true Orenda are the kinds of spices you grow there.”

Therefore, when you become a Witchery of the temple of herbs, grow your garden and have at hand the pure spices you will need for preparation and all the important tools for planting.

Do you know that plants can sense the magic in the surroundings and tastes better when grown by Kitchen sorcerers? Do it, and feel it.(Kitchen Witch)

4. Appreciate Your Food – Witchery Altar:

Kitchen Witch

What is the difference between an ordinary woman and a Kitchen Magician, as they both work in the kitchen, cook and try to feed their loved ones?

Well, the difference is in prayer!

For your information, angels, spirits and the spirits of your deceased loved ones remain around our kitchens in particular and our homes in general.

They surround us in the form of unseen forces, and if we try, they will respond.

A Kitchen witch always has an Altar Center in her kitchen, where she prays before and after her cooking and asks for blessings from the dead, guardians, gods and goddesses of the hearth.

As a Culinary magician, you will seek the help of gods, goddesses and good spirits with their knowledge of ancient and modern herbs so that you can taste your food that no one else can match.

They will also help you with other kitchen tasks by instilling the hidden energy within you.

That’s why an Altar or Center shelf, with candles, is the most important thing when you’re on your way to becoming the holy Witch of your blessed home.

Important: Do not use ordinary matchsticks to light candles, because too little air can blow them out; It’s a sign of bad luck. Try using an electric lighter to light candles.(Kitchen Witch)

5. Connect with your space – Set your space:

Kitchen Witch

Before you can start practicing your spells and magic, you will need to plan your sanctuary.

As you do this, get a great idea of where to put anything that makes them easy to search, find and access.

How your kitchen is designed and decorated plays a big role in making you a true Kitchen wizard.

Having everything is not enough unless you place things in the right areas. It will make them easily accessible when needed.

For example, you will need to create a separate area for utensils, herbs, and cleaning supplies. You also need to think about where to put everything in order to keep it less messy.

“You can hang pegboards, pots, pans and larger spoons on your pantry door to save space.”

When configuring the site for species and herbs, make sure it’s near the stove so you can access them without the hustle and bustle.

When it came to utensils, there would be larger pots, smaller pots, spoons and pans; These are your mystical tools for ritual practice, so the pantry is the best place to organize them.

Place kitchen-specific cleaning gears near the sink, drainpipe, or behind doors, depending on each use.(Kitchen Witch)

6. Cook with Love – Kitchen Witch Recipes:

Kitchen Witch

A magical meal isn’t just made with herbs, spices and food ingredients, it’s also made with Love, Care and Passion.

The blessings of guardian angels, deceased relatives, and goddesses make the palate magically delicious.

Therefore, before and after any cooking session, you will ask for the blessings of the ancient witches from eve to you.

Every time you pray, they will send their respect and goodwill into your home in the form of positive energies and good taste in your meals.

“Cooking is different from cooking.”

When you create, you no longer cook, you actually stop the flow of time, escape from the hustle and bustle and take care of yourself. You are surrounded by empathy!

Here are some of the other steps to make the food magical:

  1. Choose the item that interests you:

Just because an item has magical connotations doesn’t necessarily mean it should be part of your recipe. Choose what you love and are impressed with.

2. Have a happy mood:

If you’re in a bad mood, the combination of spells you cast at mystical dinners can go seriously wrong.

Taste and emotion are interrelated; the happier and sweeter you are, the scrumptious the meal will be.

3. Give it time:

Just as a Polyjuice potion needs some time before it’s perfectly prepared, your meals will need it too. Magic takes time and effort. It won’t happen overnight.(Kitchen Witch)

7. Have A Knowledge of The Herbs – Kitchen Witch Spices:

Kitchen Witch

Common culinary witches and spices are your true superpower and the main ingredient that allows you to prepare scrumptious potions that delight the taste buds of your friends and family.

You know that these aromatic plants have survived for centuries, grow very generously and have an extremely rich flavor.

Plants have souls and energies, and if you know how to use them well, you can get those endless energies from plants.

Knowing each herb is necessary before using them in the recipes. Also, be very careful when you are working with your spices, such as cutting them into pieces. Use a cutter for that.

Working with spices and culinary magic herbs is an art, and their proper shape, size, and cutting are essential.

Be sure to be very careful when chopping them. A special chopping scissors can save the day.

As you do this, be sure to pray from the ancient spirits of herbs and spices to be there for your help.(Kitchen Witch)

8. Go Organic – Using Grandma’s Formulas of Cookery:

Kitchen Witch

Ancient cooking formulas were essentially more herbal and natural. They differ from modern recipes.

Therefore, when becoming a Kitchen magician, you should not be afraid to mix old herbs using old formulas.

Grandma’s recipe book might come in handy.

You can also go to old libraries and search for recipe books.(Kitchen Witch)

In fact, you need to be very open to knowledge and learning. Try old magical recipes such as:

  • Clam Chowder with Saffron,
  • Coconut, and Oranges stews,
  • Pasta Baked with Mushrooms,
  • Fresh Herbs Salads,
  • Different kinds of Cheese
  • Rosemary-Infused Veal Spareribs with Vinegar and Roasted Garlic,
  • Lime-Bathed Green Bean and Cauliflower Salad,
  • Warm Chocolate Soufflé.
Kitchen Witch

You should be ready to experiment and make your talismans and recipes. But before you do, you need to have an in-depth knowledge of each spice and each ingredient you use in your potions.

In simple terms, be like Hermione from Harry Potter who knows every spell and ingredient of the potion.

Inventing dishes isn’t necessarily about edibles, but they can also be about naturally curing diseases and health problems.

It’s about experimenting and inventing, thinking about the magic combination of vegetables, fruits, meats and dairy products.

But don’t forget to add contemporary touches to bring out something new.

When you successfully invent cures, you become a mature Culinary wizard.(Kitchen Witch)

10. Learn and teach magic – Write your Witch Recipe Book:

Kitchen Witch

Finally, the tenth formula of Kitchen Magic is NOT to limit your knowledge to just your brain or environment.

It’s about sharing all the knowledge with future generations and never letting this witchcraft and Witchcraft end in your family.

Your daughters, younger sisters, cousins, and relatives can be the best person to share your knowledge with and to pass on your knowledge to the next generation.

Be like Professor Lupin, who taught Harry how to fight Dementors using the “Expecto Boss” spell.

You should always share what you think, learn and find in your life with your household, relatives and loved ones.

The best way to share your knowledge is to write your Writing Grimoire.

Write down the formulas you’ve learned and invented in a book and pass them on to your little self, your daughter.(Kitchen Witch)

Benefits of Becoming a Kitchen Witch?

Kitchen Witch

Food-supply is the primary thing that “Lady of the house” and “man of the home” worries and struggles about the most.

We can live without anything, but not food as it just doesn’t fill our empty stomachs but plays a role in mental-satisfaction, too.

As Helen Keller says:

“Happiness rarely keeps company with an empty stomach.”

And happiness is all about feeling satisfied with what you have.

By becoming a Cottage Witch, you are playing your role in making this world a happy place to live in for your dears and nears.

However, KARMA is still there. What goes around comes around, and when you are doing good, you will receive never-ending benefits of being a Kitchen conjurer, such as:

  • Receiving good luck and goodwill
  • Getting Blessings from dead relatives
  • Knowing ancient recipes for making charmed-food
  • Getting everything in your kitchen
  • Keeping your place cleaned and healthy like a real-heaven of earth
  • Starting on organic living and maintaining good health
  • Connecting with your soul


  • Warding off negative vibes from your surroundings

Bottom Line:

As a Witchery, you may find so many hurdles, problems, and issues on the way. However, never lose hope and always remember that nothing best comes in a plate; you have to earn it.

The same is the case here. The key to success is your openness towards knowledge and steadiness in learning. Soon success will be your best friend.

Do you like spending time in kitchen? You must be a modern witch! Do not forget to share your magical ideas within the comment section below.

Have a magical Cookery Day!

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